Haseeb Qureshi Admits to Chip Dumping - Quits Poker

In a exclusive interview with BluffMagazine.com, Haseeb "INTERNETPOKERS" Qureshi attempts to come clean about his relationship with Jose "Girah" Macedo. Also, Daniel "jungleman12" Cates has given a interview to Bluff, where he talks about his relationship with Macedo.

We can see from the interviews, that Qureshi’s involvement in the scandal is much deeper than Dan “Jungleman12″ Cates'.

Here are few quotes from Qureshi's interview:

-I must confess that I am the owner of the “samchauhan” account on Merge..I was involved in staking Jose, as you already know, and we had to get some way to get about $100k to him. He already had some money of his own on Lock, and we agreed to let him use that initial money as his default stake money for the first few weeks. We didn’t want to wire him money directly to his bank account, so we decided to try to transfer it to him on LockPoker where he needed money anyway.

-So, I made the account “samchauhan” and put $100k on there, but I wasn’t able to transfer substantial funds to him. Jose told us that the best way to do this quickly (we had been taking a while to get him money as the stake had already been agreed on for over a month but we were slow and lazy to get it organized) was to just chip dump. I said ‘alright, fine,’ and although I knew that getting seen winning $100k from some random account would make girah look good, I also knew Merge isn’t tracked, so it wouldn’t be a big deal and we needed to get him the stake money. So I dumped him the money on Lock using the account “samchauhan”.

-Soon after the dump is done and we go back over the terms of the stake, he mentions the BLUFF Challenge that’s going on. He was already sponsored by Lock, of course, but it was quite a public event. Once he told me, I got really angry and terrified. I asked him why he didn’t tell me earlier and told him that dumping $100k during a high profile competition like this is super stupid, that it’s going to get looked at and found out, that it’s essentially cheating. But he told me that he’d already told me and he assumed I knew I was really angry and freaked out and thought we were going to get that $100k confiscated, that both “girah” and I would be implicated in trying to cheat, etc.

The interview also reveals that Jose Macedo had multiple TwoPlusTwo accounts, like the accounts "Girah" and "LookingForProdigy", and that Qureshi had at least access to the "Girah" account.

-I’m not sure how many times I posted under Girah, but it had to be a really small number. Under LookingForProdigy - never. I never even knew this account was his until it was revealed on TwoPlusTwo a few days ago.

Honestly, when I was originally asked if I had ever logged into his TwoPlusTwo account I didn’t remember that I had.

It also appears, that Macedo's poker results were not real at all. Read the interview with Cates here and the interview with Qureshi here.

It should also be mentioned that Qureshi has now quit poker, as he states in his new blog entry.


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