More Huge Swings from Isildur1 - Ilari FIN picks up $500k this morning

Ilari "Ziigmund" Samahies
Viktor "Isildur1" Blom

A familiar patten is emerging over at PokerStars highstakes PLO tables at the moment. Viktor "Isildur1" Blom destroys the 6max tables for big six figure wins, only to lose it all back plus interest to a well known HU PLO specialist. This time it was Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies who cleaned out the aggressive Swede, taking him for $482k in this mornings sessions, $473k coming from just one table.

Sahamies is on somewhat of a tear at the moment, also bagging a $212k win from yesterdays play and he is currently $767k to the good over the past 48 hours of play (correct at time of writing). If things stay the way they are through to the end of play today then Sahamies will not only have climbed out of the $800k hole he found himself in at Stars just one month ago and will actually be showing a near $600k profit after an amazing few weeks. During the early hours Sahamies was in control for the vast majority of the match and as ever it seemed the Isildur couldn't control his urge to gamble when the chips were down leading to another huge loss.

It has been a chaotic 48hrs for Blom who had during the course of yesterday had at one point been $200k down before staging a $500k turnaround at the 6max tables before the days end - only to lose that all back in the early hours to Ilari FIN. During his comeback Blom took $400k from 1-ronnyr3, $164k from Toweliestar and $90k from RealAndyBeal.

As you would expect, the biggest hands of the day all came courtesey of Ilari FIN and Isildur1, with Isildur picking up the two biggest pots of the match - not much of a consolation for Blom after Sahamies total demolition of him I would expect.

Biggest hands of the day

A reckless bluff from Ilari FIN - $240k pot

Isildur completes his wrap on the river - $194k pot

Ilair FIN's biggest pot


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