QuadJacks: "The Full Tilt Store was run by a cousin of Howard Lederer"

QuadJacks.com claims, that the Full Tilt Store, which was launched around 2003-2004 alongside Full Tilt Poker, was run by a close relative to Howard Lederer - Scott Lederer (cousin of Howard Lederer).

According to QuadJacks.com, Scott Lederer's company (called "Eyecon Marketing Group"), was not physically involved in any production of goods or logos, but was rather a liaison, or middle man, between other vendors and Full Tilt Poker.

The article goes off to say, that the company has employed only two individuals since 2000 (with the induction of a third in 2010), and company's revenues kept rising as the years went by and Full Tilt Poker grew as an online poker room.

The best year for "Eyecon Marketing Group" was in 2007, when the revenue was $3.03 million (see the picture).

"Scott Lederer was contacted and declined to comment.", QuadJacks tells.

You can read the interesting article here.

Full Tilt Poker's new hearing has been going on today in London. The hearing is being held behind closed doors, with no reports or results coming out so far.

In related news, the popular Hendon Mob (www.thehendonmob.com) made a statement yesterday, that they were ending the site's exclusive relationship with Full Tilt Poker.


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