Nebuchad won the first Reunion table

Nebuchad won the first table on the Ladbrokes Legends Reunion. He played against TheSalamon, Mohamade, Pokergirl1, _Theah_ and cookiedough. 

He started the session pretty bad and lost  a couple of buyins but after 4 hours of playing it was only Nebuchad and cookiedough left and Nebuchad hit the hands he needed and totally controlled the heads up. To read a full report from the Ladbrokes staff: Click here

Nebuchad hits a monster flop against _Theah_, $42k pot
Nebuchad wins a nice allin preflop hand against Mohamade, $70k pot
After this hand Nebuchad totally controlled the HU, $48k pot

His total profit of this session was +$90k, to watch the complete results from our monitored sessions on Ladbrokes yesterday, including the Legends Reunion table: Click here

The second table starts in just an hour with players like Zupp3 and Terken89 so get yourself to the rail!



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