Two Days of Big Swings for Socutiesf - wins $350k

Mixed fortunes at the tables for Ilari FIN

There have been some pretty huge PLO games running at PokerStars over the past 48 hours and one person above all other has been at the heart of the action, the Taiwan based player known online as socutiesf. During the course of Wednesday socutiesf played over 3500 hands playing from $50/$100 up to $200/$400 PLO winning $297k although the overwhelming majority of his wins came courtesey of a c.300 hand session of $200/$400 HU PLO against one of the biggest winners over the past two months, Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies in which Sahamies dropped $278k.
Socutiesf won nearly all the big pots although Sahamies did manage to win the biggest pot of the session, a truly strange affair with the players getting their stacks in incredibly light. See the $155k pot here
Also performing well in the ring games Wednesday were two players currently in fine form, Benny "Toweliestar" Spindler and Rafi "refaelamit" amit who took $149k and $162k respectively. The other big winner for Wednesday on PokerStars was UK pro Tom "tjbentjam" Bentham who won $178k in the highstakes PLO and NLHE ringames. In fact Bentham won the biggest pot of the day against the days biggest loser when he took down this $187 pot during a rare session of $200/$400 NLHE. lost a total of $290k Wednesday.
How quickly the landscape changed for socutiesf however as he proceeded to lose pretty much everything he'd accumulated Wednesday during some brutal $100/$200 and $200/$400 PLO sessions during the course of Thursday. Amazingly however socutiesf put on his battle armour and by the end of the days play had not only won back the $300k he'd won Wednesday but also managed to bag a $56k win for Thursday - due in no small part to a $234k 237 hand session of $200/$400 PLO playing the likes of Ilari FIN, gavz101 and Fake love888. It was during this session that socutiesf took down his biggest pot of the past 48 hours, this $144k effort.
Thursdays biggest winner on PokerStars was Terje "Terken89" Augdal who's $128k win came mostly from the $25/$50 and $50/$10 PLO tables with Ilari FIN avenging some of his previous days losses, netting a $102k win for the day. The big loser for Thursday was GARFIELD25 losing $207k with both Toweliestar and refaelamit logging losing days for the first time in a while, losing $53k and $42k respectively.

It's been relatively quiet at PartyPoker with the biggest winner over the past 2 days being AGGROD3US and ChichaGlisha, both of whom have won $15k, with the biggest loser, Kanu7, has lost $33k - all at $25/$50 NLHE.


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