phounderAA wins $68k at $200/$400 NLHE

A nice win for nutsinho

Once again it's a NL player taking top honours as Portuguese Pro Diogo "phounderAA" Viega won $68k in 2 hours of play at a single $200/$400 table yesterday. The session actually featured the three biggest winners of the day with nutsinho and natefive taking second and third spots winning $50k and $47k respectively.

The $200/$400 NLHE tables also produced the days biggest hands the biggest being this $81k pot getting it all in preflop with KK vs Ben86. Although strictly speaking this hand occured this morning and isn't included in yesterdays results as it was so much bigger than the rest I felt it's worth sharing - this $159k effort from socutiesf playing HU vs Lagerborg. Despite this monster pot socutiesf is still very much behind on todays play and also brought home a loss yesterday courtesy of the $200/$400 NL games.

The biggest losers of the day also all came from the PokerStars NLHE tables with PimpyLimpy the days biggest loser at -$52k, mostly lost HU at $50/$100 to nutsinho, followed by Ben86's $41k loss courtesy of the big $200/$400 NLHE game and roy j who lost $40k, also in the big game.

At PartyPoker kai0707 won $20k playing HU NLHE at $25/$50 stakes with the biggets loser being Haifisch117 who dropped $26k - mostly as you may expect playing kai0707.


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