Phil "takechip" D'Auteuil wins $500k in big NLHE ring games

Benny Spindler is also enjoying the $200/$400 NLHE action
nutsinho on the other hand definitely is NOT enjoying it!

The $200/$400 NLHE ring games have been brewing for some time but as of yesterday there were no truly big scores to come out of them. That all changed in the early hours of this morning when Phil "takechip" D'Auteuil went on a rush and took $410k one tabling $200/$400 NLHE.

Having already taken $70k from the NL games yesterday and with other decent wins at PLO takechip has taken over $500k profit from PokerStars in the past 2 days. takechip's session lasted just over 4 hours and 300 hands and so juicy was the game that at certain points there were over 20 players waiting to take a seat. Strangely enough given the length of the game, the stakes and the action takechip was the only player to show a six figure profit from the session and truly dominated proceedings.

The biggest hand of the session, unsurprisingly was taken by D'Auteuil as he took down this massive $347k pot, hitting the stone cold nuts on the turn and getting paid off by the sessions biggest loser, YiangLu who dropped $240k in the game. The second biggest pot was also contested between these two players with pretty much the same result - takechip getting paid off big holding a huge hand - see the $175k pot here. After earlier losing close to $90k in another big $200/$400 session LiangYu finds himself down $330k in the past 24 hours in the $200/$400 action.

LiangYu hasn't been the only bigloser in these games however as Richard "nutsinho" Lyndaker also dropped $128k in the big session plus a further $155k in an earlier session.

Other winners of note in these sessions were Benny "toweliestar" Spindler who won $81k in the big session and sat1337en who managed a six figure session of $200/$400 NLHE (alebit not the one in which D'Auteuil crushed) when he took $117k in an earlier session. thecorster also made a big splash at the earlier session, winning $133k although he later dropped $72k in the later session.

Over at PartyPoker yesterdays biggest winner was D0natello who took $18.3k at $25/$50 NLHE and the biggest loser was Kanu7 who lost $21k in the same games.

It has been a pretty eventful 24 hours all round as we also saw the return of the multi-hour multi-tabling maniac !P0krparty? who played 10,000 hands in just 12 hours all at the $25/$50 PLO tables and has made an impressive $119k in the process.


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