October Review - Phil "takechip" D'Auteuil and Ilari FIN riding high

Yet another great month for Ilari FIN
Rafi Amit still leads the way in 2011

Now that October is out of the way let's take a look back over how the action went down over the past four weeks. The first area of note is just how far the top two winners were ahead of the pack. Phil "takechip" D'Auteuil was the months biggest winner largely down to a massive $00k session of $200/$400 NLHE in the last week of the month but he amply backed up this session with a further $355k in wins bringing his monthly total upto +$855k. Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies ran takechip a reasonably close second adding $762k to his ever burgeoning bankroll - this is third month running Ilari has ended in the top three winners (taking $900k last month and over $500k in August). Nobody else came close to these two with ChaoRen160, the NLHE specialist coming in third place with just under $300k in winnings.

The first week of October continued in the same vein as most of the previous month as one of Septembers million dollar winners, socutiesf adding a further $222k to his already impressive Autumn haul playing mainly $50/$100 and $100/$200 PLO. It was also a good start to the month for some "old school" online players with H@££INGGOL, aba20 and $tinger88 all booking six figure wins in the first week. Jeans89 took an impressive $182k to move him into second on the 2011 leaderboard as of the first week of October with $1.28m in winnings.

At the other end of the spectrum it was a nasty week for online newcomer LiangYu, victim of the recently running $200/$400 NLHE games as he lost a total of $154.5k during the first week of October.

Come the second week however and it was all change as socutiesf's seemingly unstoppable march to the head of the 2011 leaderboard was stopped in its tracks as he went from hero to zero and became the weeks biggest loser, dropping $214k, nearly all of his previous weeks winnings. It was however a fantastic week for HSDB favourite Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies who reaped an impressive $530k reward for his weeks work. He won the lions share of his booty on the 13th of the month when he crushed the PLO ring games for $374k, including a $300k session of $100/$200 six max PLO. It wasn't all about Sahamies however as mTw-DaviN also had a great week, winning $328k - again it was the $100/$200 PLO action on the 13th which provided him with most of his winnings as he took $184k from the sessions. The $200/$400 NLHE games also continued with call110 being the biggest winner (and third on the weeks leaderboard) taking $166k. He also took the honour of taking down the weeks biggest hand, calling mikki696's bluff for this $181k pot.

The third and fourth weeks of the month were all about Phil "takechip" D'Auteuil who on the 23rd/24th of the month took over $500k in profits - due largely to a dominant display at the $200/$400 NLHE tables where he one $410k from just one table, including wht turned out to be the biggest hand of the month - this $347k monster against LiangYu who dropped $330k in 24 hours playing in these games. Another big loser in these sessions was Richard "nutsinho" Lyndaker who has recently announced that due to his $900k 2011 downswing that he is quitting online poker until next years WSOP, according to his twitter as it is "Time to live a little". In fact LiangYu and nutsinho ended up the months biggest losers, dropping $405k and $376k respectively.

In total during the third week of October takechip won $266k followed by another NLHE player ChaoRen160 with $175k and, continuing his heater, Ilari FIN with $170k. Once again socutiesf was among the biggest losers dropping $150k, only outdone by the aforementioned nutsinho who lost $195k.

As the $200/$400 NLHE games spilled into the final week of October takechips previous session also contributed to his weeks results as he took a further $453k. Once again Ilari FIN bagged a winning week, adding $143k to his monthly spoils. LiangYu was the biggest loser, dropping a cool quarter million dollars - followed by the weeks other big story, the crazy player so far only known as !P0krparty¡ who lost $200k. !P0krparty¡ had another crazy week as he apparently rebuilt his shattered roll playing as low as $1/$2, putting in ridiculous hours at the tables and showing terrific win rates as he made his way seemingly effortlessly up the highstakes tables. Once there he played literally a ton of $25/$50 and $50/$100 PLO, logging a huge 46,000 hands during the week. It looked like October was going to end on a high for !P0krparty¡ as he won nearly $300k on the 28th - only to drop well over $400k during the last two days of the month and ending another exciting week for the railbirds who were treated to multiple deep stacked $50/$100 tables with plenty of crazy action.

At the close of October the 2011 PokerStars leaderboard still sees Rafi "refaelamit" Amit leading the way with $1.8 million profit, followed in second place by the resurgent Ilari Fin with $1.3 million profit - a great effort considering that as recently as August he found himself $800k in the hole.

It's time to see what November brings...


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