November recap - Ilari FIN adds $772k to top 2011 leader board

A bad month for Hastings who dropped 1/4 million
Ilari FIN is flying high

As we head into the last month of 2011 let’s take a look back over the month departed and the stories of the big winners and losers for the month of November.

It was to be yet another stellar month for HSDB favourite Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies as he topped the list of big winners as he netted a nice $772,000 profit for the month, way ahead of the second highest winner of the month - a $467k score for Fake Love888 (rumoured to be none other than online legend Patrik Antonius). In third spot this month sits NLHE specialist Kanu7 who won $391k playing exclusively NLHE from $25/$50 up to $200/$400. This score puts Kanu7 over 1/2 million dollars in profit for the year on PokerStars (and $76k in profit over at PartyPoker for 2011).
Sahamies has now been among the top three winners for each of the last four months, racking up nearly $3 million in the process - helping him not only overturn a $900k deficit going into August but to now top the 2011 PokerStars leader board with over $2 million profit. Sahamies was staring down the barrel of a $1 million month until last night when, after a few slow days the big guns reloaded and got back to the $200/$400 PLO games where Ilari proceeded to lose $173k and his chance of a seven figure month.
The big news of the first week of November however belonged to Peter "GARFIELD25" Chan who rounded off the first week with a stunning near half million dollar winning day at the $50/$100 PLO tables - taking a whopping 50 buy ins in an evening/early morning session. This however wasn't to be a month of plain sailing for Chan who rode a rollercoaster of a month, with huge winning and losing days. It looked to be going Chan's way, especially after a $381k winning day on the 21st only for him to drop over half a million on the 22nd. After nearly dropping back to even for the month GARFIELD25 will probably be somewhat relieved to have ended the month on a high, taking a $138k win from the $200/$400 tables last night and ending the month with a $204,000 win, not to be sniffed at but a way off the $600k he was looking at just over a week ago.

The second week was all about Phil "takechip" D'Auteuil and the as yet unmasked !P0krparty? who both tore up the tables. takechip was riding a fantastic upswing from the end of October which continued into early November as he added a further $400k in the first couple of weeks (including a $288k day on the 10th) giving him $1 million for three weeks work. As with GARFIELD25 however takechip could not sustain his form and ended the month a mere $12k in profit! As for !P0krparty?, it was another epic month of multi-tabling madness as he put in 60,000 hands playing night and day and regular bursts of huge heaters followed by incredible collapses. By the 17th of the month had racked up an impressive $726k in winnings and was looking pretty unstoppable but as sure as night follows day it just took one weekend for him to burn the lot, losing $500k on the 20th alone. I exaggerate slightly as !P0krparty? is still showing a $100k profit for the month. Interestingly had he stuck to PLO he would have won over $300k for the month but he lost over $200k playing NLHE in just 4% of his hands played.
By the third week Ilari really began to motoring and between 15th and 22nd he added $914k to his winnings, over 96% of his monthly winnings as he won big in some fascinating $100/$200 and $200/$400 deepstacked PLO. It was in the big games where Fake Love888 also came to the fore, winning $418k in one days play on the 22nd. It was during these games that Ilari took down what was to be the biggest pot of the month;
Ilari FIN wins $266k flopping the nuts to GARFIELD25's 3rd nuts
After three fascinating weeks of play the last week of November proved a little bit of a damp squib as the bigger games dried up, the big players took their feet off the gas and some relatively small scores did little to change the state of the months big winners or losers until yesterdays $200/$400 PLO games started up again.
On the wrong end of the score boards the month’s biggest loser was mikki696 who has been in freefall since his August high of $782k and lost $310k this month. Also falling short of the mark this month were superstars Benny "toweliestar" Spindler and Brian "$tinger 88" who lost $252k and $253k respectively.
At PartyPoker we did have a six figure winner for the month as CALLCALL booked a $132k score, won mainly between 3rd and 4th November where he won over $100k playing $25/$50 NLHE. The biggest loser was ChichaGlisha who lost $107k, all within the first 11 days of the month.



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