Isildur1 returns, wins a quick $100k

Viktor is back in action

After briefly setting the higstakes action at PokerStars alight last week winning $1.5 million and losing $900k back over a long weekend Isildur1 once more retreated from PokerStars for a week - leaving many wondering when he would next show his face.

We're glad to see that he has been tempted back to the tables and in a couple of hours this afternoon he has got back to his winning ways, beating diggidave heads up for over $90k playing $50/$100 PLO in a 300 hand lunch time session and is currently $100k up on the day.

The games were packed with five figure hands, the biggest three all going Isildurs way;

By the turn there was not much doubt that things would get heated - diggidave's top two in danger and succumbing to Isildur1's flush draw and wrap on the river - $40k pot

Isildur1's aces hold up - $40k pot

Big action flop as diggidave flops the nuts but Isildur1 has flush and straight draws - rivers this $39k pot

It looks like Mr Blom is now back in action at the six max $50/$100 PLO tables so lets hope for some decent action. We'll fill you in on all the details in due course


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