Dave "CrabMaki" Shallow wins WPT Dublin

Dave Shallow takes down his first live event in Dublin

Dave "CrabMaki" Shallow wins WPT Dublin

The past four days have seen 338 players battling it out at the Citywest Hotel in Dublin for the honour of being crowned the newest WPT champion

At the start of play in todays final table we were already down to the final five as an action packed final table bubble hand yesterday eliminated two players. In what can only have been a gut wrenching end of the tournament for the two players eliminated we saw a three way all in with Shaun Conning and Steven Moreau going up against Dave Shallow. Conning held Queens, Shalllow Jacks and Moreau had them both crushed with pocket Aces. Unfortunately for Moreau a Jack appeared on the turn and Shallow had both his opponents covered to create to "bubble boys" and send himself into the final table with an enormous chip lead.

When play started today Shallow, better known online as either "Dubai" - his Betfair nickname - or "CrabMaki" his PokerStars alter-ego held a whopping 6.1 million chips with his nearest rival (Steve Watts, a former footballer from London) sitting on 1.35 million. The rest of the field included Patrick Vestlin (1,070,000), Ronan Gilligan (775,000) and Chaz Chattha (835,000). Things were lookng very good for Shallow who had been looking to tie up his first major live title having both started and ended the penultimate days play as chip leader.

Things didn't however turn out as plain sailing as Shallow may have hoped however as he found himself on the wrong end of several big pots, doubling up both Patrick Vestlin and Ronan Gilligan. In fact Gilligan went on a huge heater taking out Watts (5th place for $51,063) and Vestlin (4th for $68,396) to overtake Shallow for the chip lead with the play now three handed.

Gilligan faced two very good MTT players in Chattha and Shallow however and his somewhat tempestous style of play lead to him bleeding chips in the final stages of play and he eventually met his demise at the hands of Shallow who flopped top pair holding 10d 9d with Gilligan risking his tournament life with and open ended straight draw holding 4h 3d. Shallow held and went into heads up play once more as a big chip leader.

Things were still not sewn up for Shallow however as his five bet jam holding Ks 3s was called by Chattha's QQ allowing Chattha to take the chip lead for the first time. This was as good as it got for Chattha however who shortly after relinquished the chip lead then found himself on the wrong end of an all-in pair vs overpair situation when his 99 was found wanting against Shallows pocket Queens. The board offered no help to Chattha who was eliminated runner up for $96,339 and Shallow took the 222,280 Euro first prize ($289k) which includes a $25,000 WPT Championship Seat.

A great first live tournament for Shallow to win, although far from his biggest tournament cash as 2010 saw him eliminate Ville Wahlbeck in heads up play to win (as CrabMaki) the $10,300 NLHE High Roller event at the PokerStars WCOOP for over $600,000.

To see an interview with the latest WPT champ see the WPT video here


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