Randy "nanonoko" Lew sets Guinness World Record at the 2012 PCA

Randy Lew receives his Guinness World Record award.

Randy “nanonoko” Lew set the Guinness World Record for most hands played in an eight hour period while remaining profitable at the 2012 PCA (Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure) on Sunday.

Lew played a total of 23,493 hands in eight hours and finished with a total profit of $7.65.

What is even more amazing, Lew didn't take any breaks during the eight hour session.

Here's the final results for nanonokos's World Record:

Hands: 23,493
Hours: 8
Hands per hour: 2936.63
Hands per minute: 48.94
Seconds per hand: 1.23
Hours of live poker (at 30 hands per hour): 783.10
FPPs earned: 22,784
Profit: $7.65

Meanwhile, a total of 1.072 players ended up registering for the 2012 PCA Main Event, and 545 players will come back for day 2 today.

The eventual winner of the 2012 PCA Main Event will be taking home a cool $2.000.000.

For more information about nanonoko's World Record and 2012 PCA Main Event, see PokerStars Blog.


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