PCA Main Event - Final Table is Set, Faraz Jaka Holds on to Top Spot

Jaka leads the way once more
Xuan Liu is sitting pretty atop a mountain of chips

After thirteen action packed hours of Day 5 we have our final table at the PokerStars Carribean Adventure Main Event as the final 24 has been whittled down to the final eight with Faraz Jaka leading the way for the third time this week with 6.47 million chips.

It wasn't all plain sailing for Jaka however as his 4.1 million starting stack was down to below 1.5 milion through the course of the first few hours, largely due to a couple of million chip hands. In one his AK was bested by Lee Goldman's KK and in another he lost 1 million against Phil D'Auteuil's set of Jacks before he found his rhythm and started chipping up again. It was one key hand however which really propelled him back towards the top of the leaderboard;

With just 12 players left Day 3's chip leader Phil "takechip" D'Auteuil committed himself to a pot with a 450,000 raise under the gun holding just Jc6c. Anthony Gregg tried to isolate from the cut off shoving his entire 3.8 million stack in the middle holding Kd10d - Jaka couldn't get his 2.4 million chips in quick enough as he rolled over the bullets to take a big lead into the flop. Although Gregg flopped a 10 the board provided no extra help for Jaka's pot rivals and he scooped in a massive 5.5 million chips, propelling him up to second spot just behind Kyle Julius on over 6.5 million.

Alongside Jaka and Julius (currently in second with 6.45 million chips) sits the last woman standing Xuan Liu on 6.355 million - so with blinds at 60,000/120,000 there is less than a single big blind between the top three. Liu had a great day, chipping up almost from the start and holding the chip lead for big swathes of the day.

After Martin Jacobsen's exit in 10th place we were down to the final nine and the action was moved to one table, although we would have to lose another participant before the days play was over and the final table proper was reached. The dubious honour of being the final table proper "bubble boy" went to an unlucky Lee Goldman who shoved his last million chips holding KK but was dramtically dumped out of the competition as his all in was called by Ruben Visser holding 99 who made a set on the river.

With the payouts starting tomorrow at $156k and going up to $2 million there is a lot to play when play resumes at 1pm local time today where the search for the 2012 PCA Main Event Champion will reach its conclusion.


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