HSDB is tracking HORSE & Draw games on PokerStars - Results so far this year

oogee is the biggest winner in the draw games so far this year
Is this the man who is currently topping the HORSE leader board?

As promised since January 1st HSDB have been diligently tracking the high stakes ($500/$1000 and $1000/$2000) HORSE and Draw games that have been running on PokerStars.

Although these games are not yet included in the live action section we are working hard to integrate them shortly - we will also be updating these results on a daily basis.

As yet the highest stakes games have no had too many players, although among those who have played we see some familiar names/people. In the HORSE games the big winner is the player RaiseOnce - who is rumoured to be Phil Ivey - who is sitting on a nice $486k profit, all at the expense of Russian player Vladimir "GVOZDIKA55" Schemelev (also known as NEKOTYAN on Full Tilt) who is down $488k. The only other players to play high stakes HORSE have been buck21 and joiso who played each other for 418 hands with buck21 walking away a $61k winner.

Over at the Draw tables, once again RaiseOnce has been at the heart of the action having booked 3900 hands of play. This time however he is the big loser, currently $395k down in these games. It would appear that he has dropped his cash to a few players but mainly to Eugene "oogee" Yanayt (FishosaurusREX on Full Tilt) who is $185k up on the games. Also doing well in the draw games are BiatchPeople who is a $118k winner and yesterays biggest winner Rami "arbianight" Boukai who has a $95k profit in these games. Other familiar names among the draw winners are Fake Love888 ($39k), Seb86 ($37k) and Brian "aba20" Townsend ($17k) with Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies a $20k loser.


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