Phil Ivey wins Aussie Millions $250K Challenge - Antonius second

It was a productive day today for Phil Ivey at the Aussie Millions. After finishing 12th in the Aussie Millions Main Event for A$100.000 Ivey went on to win the $250.000 buy-in Super High Roller tournament and A$2.000.000.

In the Heads-Up play Ivey outlasted Patrik Antonius himself who earned A$1.200.000 for his troubles.

Gus Hansen finished instead in the third place, taking home 800.000 Australian dollars.

Only three people got money in this Super High Roller tournament, and Daniel Negreanu was the unfortunate A$800.000 bubble-boy.

The tournament attracted a total of 16 world's best poker players this year.

While the $250.000 Challenge was played down to winner today, the Aussie Millions Main Event was played down to final seven players.

As stated, Phil Ivey is not playing in the final after busting out in 12th place. The 2006 Aussie Millions Main Event winner Lee Nelson is not playing in the final either after finishing in 9th place for A$125.000.

Here are the 2012 Aussie Millions Main Event final seven players.

Seat    Name    Chip Count
1    Mile Krstanoski    2,295,000
2    Yann Dion    2,325,000
3    Patrick Healy    2,995,000
4    Bjorn Li    4,775,000
5    Kenneth Wong    2,330,000
6    Oliver Speidel    3,415,000
7    Mohamad Kowssarie    1,750,000

All of the remaining players have guaranteed at least A$170.000 for making it this far, while the eventual winner will walk away with A$1.600.000.

Source: Pokernews


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