nasud 11 tops Saturdays winners with a $96k score

nasud 11 wins close to six figures playing heads up PLO
Jeans89 was yesterdays biggest loser

Yesterday once again saw nasud 11 heavily involved in some interesting $50/$100 heads up PLO matches - and he walked away a comfortable winner, taking $96k yesterday and adding a further $25k in games played after midnight.

nasud 11's biggest rival in his matches was Jens "Jeans89" Kyllönen who ended up the days biggest loser, dropping $113.6k on the day. The two played on and off all day over thousands of hands and while Jens had the best of the early running as the day progresses nasud 11 stepped on the gas and pulled away from his rival.

Although they played some decent sized pots the biggest of the day was actually played between nasud 11 and his other big heads up opponent of the day Audiotik;

nasud 11 turns the nuts and improves on the river to top full house - whatever Audiotik was holding, he was on a loser all the way in this $106k pot

See the top two hands in the nasud 11 and Jeans89 matches below;

nasud 11's drawing hand is way behind Jeans89 in this hand - as it turns out top pair is good enough for this $82k pot

nasud 11 hits the nuts on the turn and gets paid off in this $81k hand

The second biggest winner of the day was Ronny "1-ronnyr3" Kaiser who racked up a nice $87k win playing in the late night/early morning $50/$100 and $25/$50 PLO ring games with The Liar just a few dollars behind, also winning $87k playing in some late morning $50/$100 PLO ring games.


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