Daniel Negreanu's email and PokerStars account hacked

Daniel Negreanu.

Daniel Negreanu's email and PokerStars account were hacked yesterday, Negreanu reveals on TwoPlusTwo and via his Twitter account.

"Important: Do NOT send me any emails the account appears to have been hacked. Just landed in LA nice news.", Negreanu told yesterday via his Twitter account.

Later Negreanu revealed on TwoPlusTwo, that his PokerStars account was also hacked:

"I was on an airplane home while this guy was joyriding my Stars account. He hacked my email and I got that back, still figuring out what happened. When I have all the details I'll share when it makes sense to.

Some of you NVGtards really thought that was me??? Man HSP has really done wonders for my image :-)", Negreanu told.

Negreanu is now working on rectifying the hacking situation.

According to our live-results, the hacker managed to play over 400 hands under the "KidPoker" account and lost over $46.000.


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