Gus Hansen and Sam Trickett back in Macau

The huge cash games in Macau are up and running again, according to Gus Hansen's blog. The players involved in the action include players like Andrew Robl, Sam Trickett, and John Juanda.

As you can imagine, the action has been fast and furious again, and according to Hansen's new blog update The Great Dane lost a massive 12 million Hong Kong dollar (US1.55m) pot in the wild games.

Sam Trickett also revealed just few days ago via his Twitter, that he lost the "biggest pot he has ever played" in the games.

However, it seems that Trickett's games have now gone better. "Had a good session yesterday! Playing again in a few hours....", Trickett told yesterday in Twitter.

Gus Hansen's blog can be found here and Sam Trickett's Twitter here.



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