doncarignano takes the spoils at $100/$200 PLO - wins $120k

yesterdays big winner was doncarignano
Ilari FIN dropped close to $200k in yesterdays games

The $100/$200 PLO games that have been running the past couple of days continued throughout yesterday with more six figure scores making their way on to the leader board as a result. The biggest winner yesterday was doncarignano who took the games for $120k

doncarignano played for a little over three hours, playing a lot of short sessions at $25/$50 and a couple at $50/$100 - however, he made his money in the big $100/$200 PLO ring games playing around 440 of his 1600 hands at this level and taking $128k profit in the games.

The games featured the usual suspects including 1-ronnyr3, toweliestar, Ilari FIN, refaelamit, Jeans89 and tr1cky7. doncarignano played consistently well during the games and raked in some decent pots, here are his top two;

Ilari FIN is unlucky as doncarinano is freerolling by the turn and hits gin on the river - $73k pot.

Ilari is once again on the wrong end of a cooler in this set over set for a $73k pot

These were not the biggest pots of the day, the biggest two are shown below;

1-ronnyr3 flops the nuts and gets paid off by Ilari FIN - $100k pot

Ilari FIN is coolered on the river again in this $98k pot against 1-ronnyr3

Losing the four biggest pots of the day certainly contributed to Ilari FIN's $194k loss for the day - the biggest loss from the days high stakes play whereas the winner of the two biggest pots, 1-ronnyr3 was the other big winner, taking home a $107k win for the day.


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