Another SuperStar Showdown - Isildur1 vs Kanu7

Isildur1 will hope to prove he still has an edge at HUNL
NL specialist Kanu7 is the challenger this week

The SuperStar Showdown continues this week, this time between Isildur1 and Kanu7 who will be battling it out at $100/$200 HUNL on Sunday, March 18 at 12:00 ET.

The SuperStar Showdown is carrying on again this week after last week's epic battle between Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and Isaac "philivey2694" Haxton in which Ike managed to turn around the $100k deficit he faced after Sunday when the match was postponed to a $5k win that was determined on the final hand of play on Tuesday. Detailed information regarding that match can be found here. We also had the opportunity of interviewing Ike before the match and the full interview can be read here.

The Showdown this week is between Isildur1 and UK NLHE specialist Alex "Kanu7" Millar. We have had the opportunity of interviewing Kanu7 prior to the match and the interview will be published very shortly in which he discusses why he is deciding to take on Isildur, the state of no-limit poker, how he started and progressed through the stakes, and many other topics. The match will also be played at $100/$200 (with each player risking $300,000) which were the stakes played last week, but prior to that, the Showdown was generally played at $50/$100 (unless against a competition winner in which it was played at $5/$10) with a $150,000 match bankroll. As Kanu7 is a no-limit specialist, the two will be playing four-tables of HUNL with each player risking $300,000 to play the match. The two played $100/$200 HUNL on Pokerstars a couple of days ago in which Kanu7 won over $200k.

Blom has played a total of 12 SuperStar Showdowns thus far, and only lost three of them (with two of them being against Isaac Haxton).

Here are the results from Blom's previous Showdowns:

vs. Isaac Haxton ($50/$100 NLHE) -$41,701 over 2,500 hands

vs. Tony G ($50/$100 NLHE & PLO) +$44,280 over 2,500 hands

vs. Daniel Cates ($50/$100 NLHE) +$51,196 over 2,500 hands

vs. Eugene Katchalov ($50/$100 NLHE) + $111,750 over 2,500 hands

vs. Attila Gulcsik ($5/$10 NLHE) +$5 over 2,500 hands

vs. Daniel Negreanu ($50/$100 NLHE) +$150,000 over 1,439 hands

vs. Daniel Negreanu ($50/$100 NLHE) -$26,500 over 2,500 hands

vs. Scott Palmer ($50/$100 NLHE) +$61,362 over 5,000 hands

vs. Mastermixus ($5/$10 NLHE) +$1,279 over 2,500 hands

vs. Rui Cao ($50/$100 NLHE & PLO) +$150,000 over 2,257 hands

vs. Terje "Terken89" Augdal ($50/$100 NLHE & PLO) +$150,000 over 1,566 hands

vs. Isaac Haxton ($50/$100 NLHE) -$5,093 over 2,500 hands.

The match will be four-tables of $100/$200 HUNL, and to win the match, one of the two players must have a profit after the 2,500 hands have been played, or win their opponents' entire match bankroll ($300,000) before then.


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