A busy day at the PLO tables

Ilari FIN returns to some good form yesterday with a six figure win.
Berndsen12 loses nearly $200k at the PLO tables.

There were lots of hands played yesterday at the PLO tables on Pokerstars, primarily at $50/$100 but there was still a small amount of action at $100/$200 and $200/$400, and there was a six figure pot in the latter.

There were some good heads-up battles at the tables which involved the two biggest losers of the day and the biggest winner. Rory "Mafews" Matthews (-$111k) and Romain "moirhums" Arnaud (+$47k) played each other at both $25/$50 and $50/$100 PLO and the UK pro, Mafews, did not fare so well and ended up losing $47k this match. Mafews has started playing much more recently but for those who think that he is a new player, that is far from the case as he used to crush the games on the European sites a few years ago. He also played some $25/$50 heads-up PLO against iamadumbnoob (+$41k) in which we lost over $40k, and ended the day down $111k in total to finish as the second biggest loser. The biggest winner the day before, Sander "Berndsen12" Berndsen (-$195k), played Irish pro EireAbu (+$128k) at $50/$100 HU PLO where he lost over $75k including the third biggest pot of the day. Many people have speculated in the forums that EireAbu is actually not Irish but rather a Dutch pro who lives in Ireland called Jorryt van Hoof. This win along with over 2,000 hands at the ring games at $50/$100 (and a bit of $25/$50) put EireAbu's total winnings for the day at $128k which made him the day's biggest winner.

EireAbu is paid off on the river when he hits a straight and scoops this $69k pot.

Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies (+$107k) had a six figure win yesterday and it seems like an eternity ago when this last happened for the Finnish pro. He, as one has come to expect from him, only played a few hundred hands (actually 424 hands to be precise) and won $107k in total playing $100/$200 and $200/$400 (including a $6k win at $50/$100). This win put Ilari second on yesterday's winners leaderboard even though he did lose the biggest pot of the day. The biggest loser of the day, Berndsen12, also played in these games in which he did not do so well and actually lost over $140k on one table alone at $100/$200. Nevertheless, he did win the biggest pot of the day which was played at $200/$400, and was the only $100k+ pot. The third biggest winner of the day was young Norwegian pro, Terje "Terken89" Augdal, who played over 5,000 hands yesterday mostly at $50/$100 and won $92k in total. He also won the second biggest pot of the day for just under $90k:

Terken89's overpaid holds up in this three-way all-in for a $89k pot.

Berndsen12 hits a flush on the river against Ilari's flopped two pair to win this $100k pot.

There was a small amount of NLHE action between two regulars who played heads-up at $50/$100. Alex "Kanu7" Millar (+$35k) battled Phil "takechip" D'Auteuil (-$19k) and it was the UK pro who ended the match on top with a win of just under $30k.


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