New episode of "The Micros" Coming Soon

Popular poker animated series "The Micros" is coming back soon with a new episode, Writer/Producer Jay Rosenkrantz tweeted yesterday.

It is now some time since we last heard from Jason 'pr1nnyraid' Rosenkrantz and John "JimmyLegs' Wray, partners behind "The Micros", which started in December 2010.

The last episode that the power duo released, was a special Christmas episode which was introduced around Christmas last year, and the new episode appears to be ready just in time for Easter.

"There is a new episode, first story episode since 'Countdown to Busto.' It is coming soon. It could be the funniest one.", Rosenkrantz revealed yesterday via his Twitter.

If you are not familiar with the hilarious "The Micros", please visit HighstakesDB's video section to see some of the episodes published so far.


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