Biggest SuperStar Showdown hands

Kanu7 ended the Showdown with a $37k loss.
Isildur1 managed a combined win between the two Showdowns.
Ike is now two for two against the Swede.

There were two exciting Showdown battles recently featuring three of the very best HUNL players in the world. Ike has his second Showdown with the Swede and its Kanu7's first time in the limelight as such. We analyse the five biggest pots in each of the Showdowns:

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom vs. Isaac (Ike) "philivey2694" Haxton

$94.8k pot.: The pre-flop call from Isildur1 can be questioned but due to the wide ranges both players 4-bet with, it is not an unusual call from him with his suited queen. The 4-bet from Ike with just a suited jack shows the extent of his 4-bet range. The continuation bet is standard from Ike as he has a flush draw on the flop and Isildur just calls the bet instead of raising with his two pair, most likely to allow Ike to continue betting with worst hands for value or carry on bluffing. The turn is the gin card as it completes Ike's flush draw but gives Isildur a full house. He checks again and Ike bets about 65% of the pot which Isildur1 just calls to trap him, probably putting him on an over-pair, AK, AQ, a straight draw, made flush, or some total air. The river is irrelevant; Isildur checks again knowing that Ike will bet his flushes and over-pairs for value, and most likely bluff his missed draws. Unfortunately for Ike, he had a strong enough hand to value bet on the river but Isildur1 had a bigger hand which won him the $94.8k pot which was the biggest pot of this Showdown.

$65.6k pot.: Isildur1 calls Ike's button min-raise with JTo which is quite unusual for him as he normally 3-bets hands like this but probably called instead of re-raising to balance his range. Ike had pocket eights and hit bottom set on the flop whilst Isildur picked up a two-way straight draw. Ike bets 50% of the pot as his standard c-bet on the flop, and Isildur1 check raises with his draw to $1,600. Ike obviously does not fold and instead of re-raising with his monster hand, he just calls probably putting Isildur on a bluff, straight draw or possibly two-pair (but very unlikely as he would have 3-bet hands most of those pre-flop). Isildur leads the turn which is a blank and Ike calls. The river is another blank, and Isildur shoves for nearly three times the pot, and Ike quickly calls to win the $65.6k pot.

$61k pot.: Isildur1 calls Ike's 3-bet of $2,200 with pocket jacks. This is surprising of Isildur who 4-bets hands worse than this but calls in this spot probably for pot control and balancing his range of hands in this spot. It was, in hindsight, a great decision as Ike tripled barrelled bluffed with total air (85s). Even though the flop had an ace and queen, Isildur still called Ike's continuation bet with his jacks, and hit a set on the turn and continued just calling. He would have most certainly folded the turn if he didn't hit the jack so a very fortunate card for him as Ike was repping a big hand in this spot which would have connected well on a AQ4 flop. The river was a blank and Ike shoved for approx 80% of the pot, and Isildur called to win this $61k pot with his set against Ike's eight high.

$55.2k pot.: Ike calls Isildur1's button raise and his c-bet on an extremely draw heavy flop (TdQsJd). Isildur flopped a set of jacks and the turn got even better for the Swede as he filled up with the board pairing up with another ten to give him a full house. Furthermore, Ike lead the turn and Isildur1 just called probably putting Ike on Tx. The 9 on the river completes the straight draws and Ike continues to lead with a 65% pot bet of $5.2k. Isildur obviously raises and makes it a big raise to $23.6k which Ike calls. The call was no good and he lost the $55.2k pot to Blom. Its most likely Ike either had just a ten, or a straight like T8 or K10, but both of those hands are ones he would have sometimes 3-bet pre-flop. As he called Isildur1's raise, his hand was not shown, thus it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on what he probably had here.

$48.1k pot.: The 5th biggest hand of the Showdown was a pre-flop frenzy between the players with all the money going in before the flop was shown. Isildur1 raised to his standard $600 with AA and Ike 3-bet to $2,200 with AJo. Isildur1 4-bet to $4,400 and Ike decided to make a move by shoving for just under $25k unfortunately being in awful shape against Blom who instantly called, and his hand held up to win the $48k pot.

Isildur1 vs. Alex "Kanu7" Millar

$100.9k pot.: This is certainly the most talked about hand from the two Showdowns and was also the biggest pot as well. Both players are approx 250-280BBs deep, and Kanu7 3-bets to $2,600 pre-flop which Isildur1 calls. Kanu c-bets the flop as he most likely always would on a flop like this (Jh4cAd) as it would connect with his 3-bet hands a decent percentage of the time. Isildur calls the c-bet and the turn bet which was about 90% of the pot. This results in the pot being $36.2k before the river and Kanu makes an all-in bet of $32.3k which is quickly called by Isildur. What is amazing is what he actually instantaneously called with; he had just bottom pair. Kanu's flop bet is standard so is his turn bet as he picks up an open-ended straight draw which if he hit on the river, would be extremely disguised. I have actually spoken to Kanu about the hand and he said that Isildur makes a lot of hero calls like this and he did so in the match, some of which weren't good but this was one which worked out for the Swede. Kanu said that he checked most of his strong hands on the flop when he 3-bet and by triple-barrelling, Isildur probably thought that he was just bluffing (or it could have been a timing tell). Kanu, however, believes that he has strong hands more often than bluffs in this spot and that in the long-run, it is a -EV call, but it worked out well for Blom in this spot.

$95.6k pot.: Kanu7 3-bets to his standard amount of $2,600 which Isildur1 calls leading to an 8d2d6s flop. Kanu 3-bet with pocket queens and c-bet the flop which Isildur called. The 5s turn was quite a dangerous card for Kanu as it completed a lot of straight draws and two-pairs which could easily be in Isildur's range like 74, 85, 65, etc. He decides to check the turn probably for pot control instead of being faced with a raise on the turn thus being in a tricky situation; Isildur bets only 55-60% of the pot which he calls. The 2h on the river is one of the best cards for Kanu as it counterfeits Isildur's two-pairs and it misses the flush draws. Kanu checks and Isildur shoves effectively for a pot size bet, and Kanu calls. Isildur had a missed straight draw having T9o which was a big hand on the flop with a gutshot and two over-cards but was in rough shape against Kanu's hand.

$94.7k pot.: Isildur1 calls Kanu7's pre-flop 3-bet with QJo and hits top pair on the flop but is unfortunately in bad shape as Kanu has 74s for two pair. Isildur calls Kanu's flop c-bet and the 2h comes on the turn. Kanu checks representing that he has given up on the pot or is checking for pot control with a medium strength hand, and as a result Isildur bets the turn. He was probably surprised by the check-raise shove from Kanu and decides to call probably putting him a wide range of hands including 53 and A2cc. The river is the As and affects no-one resulting in Kanu winning the $94.7k pot.

$85.6k pot.: Isildur1 3-bets Kanu7's min-raise to $1,800 which Kanu calls with A3ss. He flops top pair on a 9dAd6s flop and Isildur c-bets this flop with second pair (97o). The turn is the 4s which gives Kanu a nut flush draw along with his top pair and thus he will certainly not be folding the turn even though he has a weak kicker. He decides to call Isildur's turn bet and hits two pair, on the 3d, river. The river completes the diamond draw but Isildur decides to continue betting, in fact, betting 1.5 times the pot on the river and Kanu calls to win the $85.6k pot. The river would be a scary card for Isildur as Kanu could quite easily have a diamond draw in this spot so it would have been good to see whether or not Kanu would have called the river if it was a diamond but not a three.

$85k pot.: There is a lot of raising pre-flop this hand with Isildur1 5-betting to $10,600 with pocket aces which Kanu7 calls. Isildur shoves the flop of 8dQc6c for 1.5 times the pot hoping that it connected with Kanu in some way and trying to represent a hand like AK. Kanu does call with 74cc, and he is actually a 63% favourite against a hand like AK providing that both cards are not clubs. He was unfortunately in worse shape but still had 43% equity and was getting 1.5:1 on a call. Isildur fades Kanu's outs and won the $85k pot.

Summary of Isildur1 vs Ike

Summary of Isildur1 vs Kanu7

Interview with Ike

Interview with Kanu7

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