The million dollar SuperStar Showdown

Isildur1 will have revenge on his mind.
Ike will be hoping to make it 3 for 3.

The SuperStar Showdown continues today between two of the very best HUNL players in the world: Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and Isaac "philivey2694" Haxton. The Showdowns normally occur on a Sunday but this one is special and starts today at 13:00 ET/19:00 CET.

This is far from an ordinary Showdown for many reasons. It is going to be played at $200/$400 NLHE which is the highest it has ever been played, and prior to the Showdown three weeks ago between these two, the match was played at $50/$100 NLHE or PLO. These two were the first to move it to $100/$200 and now they have taken it one step further, playing the biggest NLHE stake on PokerStars. Instead of risking $150,000 or $300,000 like the previous Showdowns, both players have escrowed $500,000 for this match. What makes this match even more compelling is that there is no hand cap which there has been in all previous Showdowns at 2,500 hands at which point the match is ended (if it hasn't ended before then if a player loses 15 buy-ins: $150,000 at $50/$100 and $300,000 at $100/$200). These two players will be playing until one of them is felted for half a million dollars with the other player sitting with a cool million bucks across the four tables. It is a winner-takes-all match. They will be playing for four hours on Saturday and if the match is still on-going at the end of this then it will carry on on Sunday and so on. They each, however, only have 12.5 buy-ins which in a heads-up game especially one involving Isildur1 could end quite quickly, possibly within two or three hours.

The two players have played twice before in the Showdown with Haxton ending up the winner both times. He won $41k from Blom when they played in the first ever SuperStar Showdown and in their most recent encounter three weeks ago, Haxton managed to overturn a six figure deficit into a small win of $5k. Detailed information regarding that match can be found here. We also had the opportunity of interviewing Ike before that match and the full interview can be read here.

Blom has played a total of 13 SuperStar Showdowns thus far, and only lost 4 of them (with two of them being against Isaac Haxton):

Here are the results from Blom's previous Showdowns:

vs. Isaac Haxton ($50/$100 NLHE) -$41,701 over 2,500 hands

vs. Tony G ($50/$100 NLHE & PLO) +$44,280 over 2,500 hands

vs. Daniel Cates ($50/$100 NLHE) +$51,196 over 2,500 hands

vs. Eugene Katchalov ($50/$100 NLHE) + $111,750 over 2,500 hands.

vs. Attila Gulcsik ($5/$10 NLHE) +$5 over 2,500 hands.

vs. Daniel Negreanu ($50/$100 NLHE) +$150,000 over 1,439 hands.

vs. Daniel Negreanu ($50/$100 NLHE) -$26,500 over 2,500 hands

vs. Scott Palmer ($50/$100 NLHE) +$61,362 over 5,000 hands

vs. Mastermixus ($5/$10 NLHE) +$1,279 over 2,500 hands.

vs. Rui Cao ($50/$100 NLHE & PLO) +$150,000 over 2,257 hands.

vs. Terje "Terken89" Augdal ($50/$100 NLHE & PLO) +$150,000 over 1,566 hands.

vs. Isaac Haxton ($100/$200 NLHE) -$5,093 over 2,500 hands.

vs. Alex "Kanu7" Millar ($100/$200 NLHE) +$37,687 over 2,500 hands.

The match will be four-tables of $200/$400 HUNL, and to win the match, one of the two players must win $500k from their opponent with the match continuing until this happens.


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