Isildur takes early lead in $1 million challenge - +$200k

Good start for Viktor today
Can Ike continue his comeback tomorrow?

The hugely anticipated $1 million Superstar Showdown between Viktor "Isidur1" Blom and his NLHE nemesis Isaac "philivey2694" Haxton got underway this evening with Blom looking to avenge his two defeats to the Malta based American high stakes pro.

Both players have put $500k of their own money on the line in a "winner takes all" battle which will be decided one way or the other over the next few days (or however long it takes). With a guaranteed four hours play a day until a winner has been decided it promises to be a hell of a ride.

Things started fairly slowly however with both players seemingly feeling each other out - although if any two players should know each other by now it's these two having battled heads up many times. Mind you, with $1 million at stake you can't really blame them for easing themselves into the match.

First blood went to Haxton as after around 500 hands he took down a big pot to take a c.$80k lead largely due to putting this huuuuge cooler on Isildur1;

Bad river for Blom - $96k pot

This seemed to motivate Isildur1 to really apply to pressure and due largely to some real power poker he fought back to take a $100k lead over the next few hundred hands. Once again however Haxton proved why he is considered one of the best HU NLHE players in the world as he fought back to decimate Blom's lead and to carve out a $50k lead after around 1100 hands of play.

Never one to take a beating lying down Isildur1 turned the match on its head over the next 700 hands and it was all one way traffic as Isildur1 put on a masterclass of head up poker (along with catching some great hands of course) and took chunk after chunk out of Haxtons roll to establish a $300k lead.

Things were looking grim for Haxton who had his entire roll on the table and didn't have anything left to reload when he busted one of his four tables and for a while play was only across three tables.

Blom however offered to split his stack to maintain the four table action.

This seemed to be a turning point for Haxton who dug deep to fight back and towards the end of the four hour limit he took some decent pots off of Isildur1 and seemed to be gathering a little momentum and fought back to reduce Viktors lead to just $198k.

When the four hours were up Blom left the tables pretty quickly - he can probably consider it a timely end to proceedings. If things had been going his way then perhaps he may have suggested an extension. As it is he can look back on a very successful start to the match and see how things go tomorrow.

Here are the biggest three hands from the match;

Haxton tries a bluff holding the blocker to a nut flush but this ain't PLO and Blom has no hesitation calling with his 10 high flush in this $143k pot

Questionable all in preflop works out well for Haxton in this $103.6k pot

Another lucky river for Haxton in this $101k pot

With 40% of Haxtons roll in his back pocket Isildur1 will be looking to press home his advantage tomorrow. Let's not forget however that only a couple of weeks ago Haxton managed to overcome a $100k deficit with stakes only a half of those we are seeing right now to win his second Superstar Showdown.

Roll on tomorrow.....


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