Another good day for Isildur1 in the SuperStar Showdown

Another good day for Isildur1 with this $82k win.
Ike is down $280k now so tough times ahead.

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom continued his good form from the first day of this SuperStar Showdown to end the second day up a total of $281k after winning $82k yesterday against Isaac "philivey2694" Haxton.

Isildur1 ended the first day of this Showdown up $198k but everyone knew that a player with the ability and skills like Ike could cause the young Swede some problems the following day. This, however, didn't turn out to be the case at the end of the day but at one point during yesterday, Ike had reduced his previous day's losses to all but $25-$30k. He then went on an over $300k downswing.

The match started in the same tempo as the previous day with both players being fairly aggressive and seeming to know each other's style of play. One must remember that these two have battled each other on the heads-up tables multiple times before including twice in previous SuperStar Showdowns. Isildur1 carried on his prior day's form winning about $140k in the first 480 hands before going on a huge downswing.

The downswing was for approximately 600 hands during which time he lost about $310k. This put Ike as a $170k winner for the day and just under a $30k loser overall which is less than a buy-in at the stakes these two were playing (at $200/$400 HUNL). Isildur1 did run substantially below all-in EV during the final 300 hands of this downswing. He was down nearly $100k more than what he "should have been" at one point but he didn't let this phase him as he went on a $350k upswing in under 500 hands, and was now leading day 2 of the Showdown with a profit of $180k (and a combined profit of close to $380k).

Ike turns his second pair into a bluff on a dangerous looking board but Isildur1 calls with his two pair to win the biggest pot of the day (and Showdown so far) for $169k.

Ike just calls the flop and unfortunately for Isildur1 who hits top pair on the turn, he is up against Ike's flopped two pair which holds up for this $148k pot.

Ike managed to fight back during the final stages of the day which he also did the day before, and he was able to win about $100k in the final 250 hands or so, to give him some chance of being able to fight back on day 3. Many people believed that the game would last for just a couple of hours as each player only started with 12.5 buy-ins and both are aggressive players, but its managed to last for two days so far, mainly due to Ike being able to fight back during the final stages of the session.

Isildur1 flops top pair with a strong kicker but its no good against Ike's pocket aces which win the $147k pot.

Isildur1 has pocket aces this time and calls Ike's shove on the flop (who holds two over-cards to the board and a gutshot straight draw) who is in bad shape in this $110k pot.

Its a tough task for Ike to turn things around as he is down more than half of the allocated $500k bankroll each player is risking for the match, but one should never put it past him as he turned it all around in the Showdown three weeks ago against Isildur1 when he was down over $100k at one point before ending the match with a $5k win. At a game the size of $200/$400, big swings can occur in just minutes and a couple of big pots either way can bring Ike back into the match or give Isildur1 the $500k profit he needs to win this million-dollar SuperStar Showdown.

Isildur1 has an over-pair to the board on the flop but has to avoid Ike's 16 outs which he can't do, and it is Ike who scoops the $110k pot.

We look forward to the action continuing today and it will start at the same time as the previous two days (at 13:00 ET/19:00 CET).


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