Daniel Negreanu: "The Ivey hate truly boggles my mind"

Daniel Negreanu defends in Full Contact Poker's special "Ask Daniel" section his fellow colleague and friend Phil Ivey for his role in the ongoing Full Tilt Poker scandal.

Negreanu starts of his post by saying that "The Ivey hate truly boggles him":

-Anyone who knows this guy knows he didn't have the first clue what was going on. Here is a guy, great poker player, but not interested in any of that crap.

-He has a bevvy of assistants, doesn't answer phone calls or texts, despite having several phones, loses his phones regularly. Up until a few years ago he didn't know how to use e-mail, before that, he didn't know how to turn on a computer, but once it was on, he sure knew how to beat the crap out of anyone who chose to play online poker against him., Negreanu tells.

Negreanu also adds, that Ivey wasn't on the board of directors and didn't care much at all what happened with daily operations.

"He was too busy either flying around the country hustling craps, or busting bankrolls online and at the Bellagio.", Negreanu writes.

You can read the interesting post by Negreanu in full here.

The rumors are saying that Full Tilt Poker might be re-launching soon in Europe, but there has been no official announcement.



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