Isildur1 wins the million-dollar SuperStar Showdown

Isildur1 beats Ike for the first time but for $500k this time.
Ike has had a rough three days and lost his first Showdown battle.

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom emerges victorious in the million-dollar winner-takes-all SuperStar Showdown after beating Isaac "philivey2694" Haxton for $218k yesterday. It took three days for a winner but Isildur1 was able to win $500k from Ike, and its his first win in the three Showdowns he's played against him.

Isildur1 went into day three of the match with a lead of a fraction more than $281k after winning $198k and $82k on days one and two respectively (NB. numbers may not add up exactly due to rounding off). It was always going to be a tough task for Ike to win the Showdown facing such a deficit but one could never put it pass him as he has shown us in the past that he is willing to fight until the very last hand: he overturned a six figure deficit into a win in the Showdown three weeks ago. Isildur1 needed to win another $218.5k to win all of Ike's escrowed $500k bankroll and a victory in this Showdown would show the poker world that the young Swede is still one of the very best HUNL players in the world (even though he has been focusing much more on PLO recently).

The match continued in the same form for Isildur1 as it had the previous two days and he was up over $50k in about 60 hands. He was running extremely well at the beginning and was $50k above all-in EV at this point. He continued to, except for a few big pots going to Ike along the way, grind his way closer and closer to the $218k mark he needed to reach. By 600 hands of play for the day, he was up just under $150k and was within a couple of big pots of reaching the target. He, however, experienced a slight downswing for the next 100 or so hands in which he lost over $50k.

Isildur1 gets lucky on the river to hit two pair against Ike's aces and wins this $106k pot.

Ike was unable to continue his winning periods for any significant period of time and Isildur1 won over $110k in the next 200 hands which meant that he was in profit of $200k for that day in the match. It just required a $40k pot which were happening on a regular basis to go Isildur1's way but yet again, Ike delivered an amazing comeback especially given the situation he was faced with, knowing that Isildur1 was just within touching distance of winning the Showdown.

Ike won more than $135k in just 250 hands and had reduced Isildur1's lead for the day to under $65k. He was crushing Isildur1 during this period when most people's self-confidence would be extremely low when your opponent is less than half a buy-in away from winning the match. It shows that Ike is never one to give up till the very end. If Isildur1 had not been unlucky during this period, in which he was running more than $60k below his all-in EV, he would have won the match by the 900th hand of the day.

Ike is lucky this time on the river when he hits one of his outs to win the $82k pot.

Isildur1 did, however, get lucky during the final stages of the match in which his all-in EV and amount won graph finished very close to each other. He went on one of his big rushes during the final 250 hands in which he won over $150k to take him to the $218k mark he was so very close to 400 hands earlier. Yesterday's win means that Isildur1 has now won over a million dollars combined from all of the SuperStar Showdowns he has been in. We hope to see more Showdowns in the near future especially like this one with bigger stakes, bigger action and more money on the line.

PS. Isildur1 continued playing after the Showdown at the $100/$200 PLO tables. Please read the daily report which includes detailed information regarding the PLO action.


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