Deldar182's good week continues - wins $268k as we see some great games

David Eldar tore up the $100/$200 PLO tables last night
Phil Galfond in happier days...

Yesterday really saw some fantastic action at the high stakes tables at PokerStars. Getting the best of it was young Aussie pro David "Deldar182" Eldar as he took home $268k mainly at the $100/$200 PLO tables last night.

We also saw a return to action yesterday for two railbirds favourites as Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom were in the thick of the action. Unfortunately for both of them they were both on the wrong end of six figure losses. For a while it looked like Blom might be on to one of his epic heaters as he moved towards 1/4 million dollars profit after a few hours play. Unfortunately for him he ran into an in-form Kanu7 at the NLHE tables and any PLO profit he mad was wiped out there and finished at -$104k for the day. It was much worse for Galfond however who ended as the days biggest loser, dropping a whopping $301k at the PLO tables.

Eldar played a long day, putting in nearly 11 consecutive hours but won consistently against the biggest names in online poker including Isildur1, Ilari FIN, Fake Love88, MrSweets28, Jeans89 and toweliestar to take home his bumper win. Eldar has now won over 1/3 of a million dollars in the past few days at PokerStars.

Although not involved in any of the days biggest pots, he still won a fair few decent sized hands. Here are his top two;

MrSweets28 hits the nuts on the turn but is thwarted as the board pairs on the river - $69k pot

Isildur1 flops the nuts but once again the board pairs on the river to give th pot to Deldar182 - $58k pot

There were a few six figure pots last night, here are the top three, all of which feature Isildur1;

Isildur1 gets a bit ambitious with his pair of Queens as Ilari FIN completes his wrap on the turn - $148k pot

Isildur1 gets lucky with a rivered gutshot to bring down MrSweets28's Aces - $113k pot

Kanu7 feels Viktor is trying to buy the pot on the river so bluff raises all in with air - he is snap called by Blom's rivered two pair - $111k pot

As well as Deldar182 there were six other six figure winners yesterday, the biggest being Kanu7 who took $221k after destroying Isildur1 heads up and Phisherman36 who won $174k earlier in the day across several tables of $50/$100 PLO.

There was also some big losers other than Galfond, with Jeans89 suffering a rare big loss - dropping $223k and takechip losing $147k


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