Ilari FIN Takes a Step Forward - Wins $85k

Ilari claws a little of his weeks losses back with an $85k win yesterday at PokerStars

Once again Ilari FIN has bounced back to top the daily leader board yesterday, although he'll need quite a few more repeats of his $85k win to get him back on even terms in 2012.

Ilari had a relatively short day, playing only two tables of $50/$100 PLO against the likes of Vaga_Lion, MrSmits, doncarignano and Domce in a two hour stint at PokerStars.

There were very few major hands to speak of and Ilari's biggest was only a fraction of the size of the pots he plays day in day out;

Ilari FIN hits a dream turn and river to take this $23k pot

The biggest pot of the day actually came from yesterdays second biggest high stakes winner - tjbentham - who took down this pot at NLHE $200/$400 on his way to a $56k win for the day;

tjbentham's AQ picks up top pair on the flop in this AIPF $85k pot

The days second biggets hand also came from this session as Kanu7 was helped on his way to a daily profit of $49k with this pot;

Kanu7 picks up this $60k pot as he picks off ragen70's bluff

The days biggest losers also came from the NLHE tables, with AdvancedFear droppng $79k in the $200?$400 match and at the lower $50/$100 stakes call110 lost $61k.


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