SCOOP Review Day 15 - Sauce123 wins a SCOOP title and the Main Event begins

Sauce123 had a great day in the SCOOP winning his first title and over $250k.
SCOOP 2012

Day 15 of the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) was a great day for Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky. He won his first SCOOP title in Event 37-H ($21,000 HUNL) to win a staggering $258k. We also saw the first days of Event 39 and Event 40 (Main Event) with some notable players still remaining who will compete in the final day today.


Event 37-M, $2,100 NLHE [Heads-Up, $150k Gtd]

Entrants: 256, Total prize pool: $512,000

* denotes two-way deal


1st place: w00tLOL (Russia) - $102,160*
2nd place: Helio TYF (Canada) - $82,160*


KRab42 (Canada) - $35,840
Banderivets (Ukraine) - $35,840


Chris "Moorman1" Moorman (United Kingdom) - $19,968
C. Darwin2 (Sweden) - $19,968
1BigAceHole (Canada) - $19,968
Xereles (Norway) - $19,968


The two finalists decided to make a deal and play for $20k heads-up in the final rather than the original $40k. The idea was suggested by w00tLOL and it is not a big surprise as Helio TYF is a top HUSNG pro. Helio TYF did eventually agree to a deal and it worked out well for him as he earned an extra $11k compared to the original second place amount. On the final hand of play, Helio TYF flopped second pair and turned trips but his opponent flopped bottom set. The latter checked the river with a full house leading Helio TYF to go all-in and get snap-called.


Event 37-H, $21,000 NLHE [Heads-Up, $150k Gtd]

Entrants: 28, Total prize pool: $574,000


1st Place: Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky (Canada) - $258,300
2nd Place: Also11 (Germany) - $143,500


Niklas "ragen70" Heineckerragen (United Kingdom) - $86,100
Ankush "pistons87" Mandavia (Canada) - $86,100


This can be classed as the stand-out tournament in the SCOOP series as it is the highest buy-in event and thus featured some of the best NLHE players in the world.


Semi-final: pistons87 vs. Sauce123

The players were still in the first level of play (25/50) and as Sauce123 has done this tournament, he managed to get in an all-in confrontation early on in the match. He three-bet pistons87 min-raise holding pocket queens and got called by his opponent who held K3hh. The flop hit both players really well (Qh8h3c) with pistons87 flopping bottom pair and a flush draw against Sauce123's top set. Sauce123 c-bet, pistons87 raised, Sauce123 3-bet, and pistons87 4-bet shoved only to get snap-called. The flush draw hit on the turn for pistons87 but unfortunately for the HUSNG pro, the board paired up on the river to give Sauce123 a full house and a place in the final.


Semi-final: Also11 vs. ragen70

Also 11 took he chip lead in the first level when ragen70 folded to his four-bet all-in shove and held the chip lead from then onwards. The final hand of play was a cooler as it was a pre-flop all-in with ragen70 holding pocket queens against Also11's AK. Fortunately for Also11, he hit a King on the flop and progressed through to the final.


Final: ragen70 vs. Sauce123

The final match was not dominated by either player with the chip lead changing all the time as neither of them could run away with the lead. The final hand of the tournament was in the second level (30/60) in which Sauce123 raised to 150 on the button only to get re-raised by Also11 to 540. Sauce123 four-bet to 1,320, Also11 five-bet to 2,400, and Sauce123 just called. Also11 checked the flop of 862cc which led Sauce123 to bet 2,220 (less than 50% of pot) with his pocket tens. Also11 raised all-in to 7,080 holding AK but Sauce123 made a great call. The great call earned him an extra $115k as his opponent could quite easily have played a picture pair in a similar way. Sauce123's hand held up and he won the SCOOP title plus a staggering $258k.


Event 39-M, $215 NLHE [6-max, $500k Gtd]

Entrants: 5,227, Total prize pool: $1,045,400

Currently 44 players remaining on 8 tables


Notable players remaining: ImDaNuts (1st), AlexKP (4th), ThaBluffer (15th)


Event 39-H, $2,100 NLHE [6-max, $750k Gtd]

Entrants: 840, Total prize pool: $1,680,000

Currently 41 players remaining on 7 tables


Notable players remaining: FiSHeYe1984 (6th), SirWatts (7th), NigDawG (8th), Maroonlime (11th), Matfrankland (14th), 7tHEcROw7 (18th), rivermanl (20th), Lottenice (23rd), Moorman1 (26th), ImDaNuts (27th)


Event 40-M, $1,050 NLHE [Main Event, $1.5m Gtd]

Entrants: 3,567, Total prize pool: $3,567,000

Currently 74 players remaining on 9 tables


Notable players remaining: Treezer (22nd), Timex (30th), j.thaddeus (30th), Spokey (41st), Fishenzon (54th)


Event 40-H, $10,300 NLHE [Main Event, $1.5m Gtd]

Entrants: 517 Total prize pool: $5,170,000

Currently 63 players remaining on 7 tables


Notable players remaining: NeverScaredB (2nd), aakkari (7th), B4d3m3!st3r (8th), johnxfleming (9th), Matfrankland (15th), römpsa (19th), zangbezan24 (28th), Mafews (29th), FisFarfar (32nd), w00k3z. (35th), verve.oasis (42nd), Flush_Entity (48th), JackOrsen (49th), Domce (53rd), cal42688 (54th), OLD TIME GIN (62nd)

We will update you on the results of Event 39 and Event 40 (Main Event) in our SCOOP report tomorrow.


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