The High stakes action picks up- Wilhasha clashes with rivals and Terken89 and takechip win six figures

Terje "terken89" Augdal

Wednesday night saw yet another battle between the two NLHE specialists wilhasha and Kanu7, and what a different game it was. Wilhasha took Kanu7 for $80,434 this time across three tables and 636 hands. But the match was at 50/100 instead of the usual 100/200, which wilhasha clearly regretted after jokingly calling it "kiddies stakes", apparently wishing he had run that well at 100/200 instead.It's also good to see lots of friendly banter and joking between the two. 

The biggest hand in this match was a $42k pre-flop cooler which turns ugly for Kanu7.

Also in this hand wilhasha gets max value from his turn and river overbets.

Last night was the first time we have seen Sander "Berndsen12" Berndsen play above 50/100 in a long time, as he short-stacked 100/200 NLHE against RaúlGonzalez. Unfortunately it didn't go so well there for the Dutchman, as he dropped $16k, but he did well in his other 50/100 PLO games and finished the day up $24,314. Hopefully it's a good sign of things to come.

Other returning players include: PepperoniF, ChaoRen160 and FiSHeYe1984, but they didn't fare so well, losing $31k, $16k and $35k respectively.

On Thursday Terken89 played terryhsu in an epic heads up match lasting 9 hours and 2816 hands on 2 tables of 50/100. Throughout the match they were both around 400bb deep each, and Terken89 came out a $107k winner. They are both going at it again as I write this!

The biggest (non-split pot) hand in this game was where terryhsu's top set couldn't hold for $52k. Unluckily for terryhsu, Terken89's 3-card wrap (and backdoor flush draws) gets there, and along with his other games he finished down around $184k for the day.

The other big game on Thursday was between old rivals wilhasha and takechip, and unlike with Kanu7, the respect isn't mutual. This time it was takechip's turn to run well as he won over $112k 4-tabling 50/100 for just over 4 hours. The biggest hand of Thursday happened during this game, this $79k pre-flop confrontation.

Overall results for Thursday:

Winners: Terken89 +$153k, takechip +$111k, glosik +$76k

Losers: terryhsu -$184k, wilhasha -$72k, Zypherin -$65k

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