Theo J wins $179k and wilhasha takes $138k back from takechip

Theo has his best day in June

Theo "Theo J" Jorgensen has been on a pretty good run as of late, and today was no exception as he topped the leaderboard by almost $100k more than his next competitor. Impressively enough he won the $179k over just 1509 hands of 50/100 PLO 6-max. His biggest hand during that session was this $45k aces vs aces pre-flop confrontation that luckily went his way.

Wilhasha was back at it against takechip last night, and unlike last time it was wilhasha that came out on top, winning $137k at 50/100. As always with wilhasha, the 1590 hands were full of action, and the two biggest hands were: this $57k hand, where even though wilhasha has TPTK he is effectively hero-calling or possibly chopping. And this one where takechip makes a 7-bet misstep.

And it seems like we can look forward to more of these games in the future.

Also on Monday Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky returned to his winning ways after his week-long Vegas trip, profiting $83k. He did so at the 50/100 PLO tables - mostly heads up against EireAbu, and also against The_Cognito at 100/200 and 200/400 NLHE. Sauce123's biggest hand of the day was this absurd $33k cooler. Easy game when you flop quads vs nut full house!

Elsewhere, seen grinding up in the 5/10 and 10/20 games is Scott "urnotindangr" Palmer. He has been almost off the grid for the last year, so hopefully he will come back up to where we track at 25/50+ and eventually challenge old rivals like Sauce123.

Overall results for Monday:

Winners: Theo J +$179k, wilhasha +$132k, Sauce123 +$83k

Losers: gavz101 -$70k, L0ve2playU -$67k, Vaga_Lion -$56k

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