Massive cash game running at Aria: "There were pots of $3M regularly"

The big cash games in Las Vegas are really starting to heat up. According to several reports, a $2,000/$4,000 cash game with an $8,000 straddle is running at the Aria Casino.

Apparently some of the players from the $1 million buy-in One Drop tournament are using their free time by playing for millions of dollars in a massive cash game:

"I could see what was definitely Guy Laliberte and Bobby Baldwin, there was a really young guy, really similar looking to Andy Moseley but I cant say for definite as he was sitting at an angle away from where I was outside and don't wanna give any dodgy info, also people were saying "Cadillac1944" was in the game.

There were pots of $3M regularly, and there was talk of 25K tips for the dealers. One of the old guys in the game, around 50 I would say, had the largest stack on the table, I would say around 5-7 million. Andrew Robl was also around but I didn't see him in the game at any point.", “TheCooler101” tells over at 2+2 poker forums.

Also, John Juanda talked about a "big cash game" on his Twitter last Thursday: "Gonna take few days off from WSOP to play in cash game big enough to bust me." will keep you updated if some juicy stories are leaked. In the meanwhile, you can follow the thread on 2+2.

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