Nice action on the Omahatables at FTP

This month has started quite calm but now the action seems to be back again. Yesterday we had alot of nice action on the Omahatables.

KObyTAPOUT had a very good night and on the sessions we observed he won $180k but we are pretty sure he was atleast +$100 more, we are trying to find the handhistorys from the session we missed. However, here is the largest hand from KObyTAPOUT:

KObyTAPOUT wins a $124k pot

We also had Phil Ivey in action, he had some very sick swings, -$120k in one session then +$149k in the other one:

Phil Ivey bust Patrik Antonius in a $130k pot

But Antonius actually had a great night even though he lost that big pot against Phil, his results from our monitored sessions was +$96k

Patrik Antonius wins a $60k pot
Patrik Antonius wins a $56k pot

The player who lost the most from these sessions was Ziigmund and ihateMafiagames.



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