St1ckman Takes $90k Playing $50/$100 PLO

St1ckman tops Fridays leader board witha $90k win
Skjervøy suffers his first six figure loss for some time

Yesterday saw a little respite from the torrent of $200/$400 PLO and NLHE and the days biggest winners coming from the $50/$100 PLO tables as Sergey "St1ckman" Vasliliev topped the leader board with an $89.6k win followed by longerpig who took $82.4k playing the same stakes.

St1ckman played around a three hour session across two tables against opposition including; N Channing, Skjervøy, 5tgb6yhn7, nimzon, ender55, ZhipOHoy and M.O.P and saw success at both tables including his biggest hand of the day;

St1ckman hits an unlikely flush on the river after falling behind on the turn - $46k pot

The biggest hands of the day actually occurred at one of the $200/$400 NLHE sessions which ran over from Thursday;

A decisive win for ChaoRen160 who rivers quads - $105k pot

Another all in pre-flop as Katya_18's Aces defeat patpatman's QQ - $80.6k pot

Yesterdays second biggest winne, longerpig took the vast majority of his winnings in two heads up sessions taking around $40k from both Rui "PepperoniF" Cao at $50/$100 PLO and a similar amount from Skjervøy at the $25/$50 tables. It was a pretty rough day for Skjervøy who has had a few wins over the past few days playing at the lower stakes, only to lose it all yesterday in a -$136k day making him the days biggest loser.

Overall results for Friday:

Winners: St1ckman +$89.6k, longerpig +$82.4k, EDWARDHOPPER +$62.4k, N Channing +$47k

Losers: Skjervøy -$136k, 5tgb6yhn7 -$75.6k, moirhums -$48k, LhhMaoly -$46.1k

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