longerpig wins $444k in Epic Duel with kaju85

longerpig had an unbelievable day at the $50/$100 PLO tables
Kanu7 won $63k at NLHE yesterday and is now 1.25 million in profit for 2012

Yesterday morning saw a very one sided battle between longerpig and kaju85 at the $50/$100 PLO tables with longerpig absolutely destroying his opponent winning $444k for the day in close to 4,000 hands of play - that's 44 buy ins in a single mornings work!

Yesterdays huge win puts the UK based pro over $900k up for the year, and the way his games have been going today it is very possible that by tomorrow he will have breached the magic $1 million profit mark for 2012.

The duel lasted for around 8 hours, and in that time longerpig was always way ahead - apart from one 45 minute period where kaju85 made a brief 8 buy in comeback. However, by this time kaju85 was already $400k down and he soon surrendered the gains of his slight comeback before quitting for the day. In fact kaju85's day was even worse than you might expect as occasionally some of the matches were 3 or 4 handed featuring the likes of 1-ronnyr3, Terken89 and Claisen and kaju85 fared no better here. At the end of the day kaju85 was down a huge $533k.

longerpig certainly enjoyed his best day ever at PokerStars and in fact posted nine of his biggest ten hands recorded at PokerStars high stakes tables including his best seven. Here are the top three from yesterday;

longerpig's AA defeat kaju85's KK in this $103k pot

kaju85 is drawing dead as the money goes in - $93k pot

I think we can assume kaju85 was seriously steaming when he shoved this flop - $78k pot

As you might expect, nobody came close to longerpig on the daily results list, in fact no other player got anywhere near a six figure score. The second biggest winner was Kanu7 with a $62.7k score. Kanu7 had actually won close to $150k at the $200/$400 NLHE ring games (also with some HU against wilhasha) but lost around $80k or so in some later $100/$200 NLHE heads up matches with wilhasha.

There was however another six figure loser as Ben86 suffered a bad early morning session losing $116k at the $50/$100 stakes at both NLHE (to ragen70) and PLO (to R_1_C_H_1)

Overall results for Wednesday:

Winners: longerpig +$444.6k, Kanu7 +$62.7k, Trueteller +$55.7k

Losers: kaju85 -$533k, Ben86 -$116.3k, fish2013 -$43.4k

For more results check out the high stakes results database


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