Huge Win for Ilari FIN - Bags $403k as the $200/$400 PLO Action Takes Off Again

Another huge $200/$400 PLO win for the ever swinging Ilari
Ben86 is now on a million dollar downswing since his high point back in April

After the excitement of Isildur1's return on Monday, yesterday saw the return of the big $200/$400 PLO ring games and the triumph of another HSDB favourite as Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies swept aside the competition and scooped a huge $403k win to put himself back in the black for 2012 - despite losing nearly $80k in some $100/$200 and $50/$100 action during his last session of the day.

Ilari's day started well as he won around $60k in some $200/$400 and $50/$100 action in the morning. The real action however opened up in the evening session where he put in a three hour session across two tables of $200/$400 PLO and won a staggering $430k in the process playing against the likes of Jeans89, Ben86, nimzon, duubadaaba, Theo J, 0Human0 and H@££INGGOL.

With such massive action we were also lucky enough to see a fair few six figure pots with Ilari scooping the biggest. Here are the top three hands from yesterdays play;

Both Ilari FIN and Ben86 are drawing in this hand with Ben86 having to bluff with air on the river. Ilari makes the call with a single pair to take this $191k pot. Had Ben86 had more money behind then its possible he may have got a fold from his opponent but with pots odds in his favour Ilari is wise to make the call.

Sick cooler for Ilari FIN as Jeans89 rivers quads to beat Ilari's top full house - $153k pot

This time it's Ben86 on the wrong end of the cooler - Ben86 makes the nuts on the turn and makes a high flush on the river only to see Ilari FIN make a higher one - $144.4k pot

All in all it was a disasterous day for Ben "Ben86" Tollerene who found himself on the wrong end of a bunch of big pots and ended the day down a huge $352k and after a tremendous April in which Ben won $1.3 million to put him over $1 million in profit for 2012 he is now almost back to even, showing just a $50k profit.

It was also a less than stellar day for Isildur1 who couldn't maintain his form from Monday and ended up taking a $140k loss playing in the $100/$200 PLO games in which he has such success the previous day.

The other big winner from the $200/$400 games was Jeans89 who took a $166k win while other six figure winners included a $173k win at $100/$200 PLO for 5tgb6yhn7 and a $160k win at $50/$100 for EDWARDHOPPER.

Tomorrows report will be one to look out for as the $200/$400 PLO action is at full throttle once again, and as I write Ilari is having a nightmare of a day and is currently around $300k down and still playing the likes of patpatman, 0Human0 and Gus "broksi" Hansen.

Overall results for Tuesday:

Winners: Ilari FIN +$403k, 5tgb6yhn7 +$173k, Jeans89 +$166k, EDWARDHOPPER +$

Losers: Ben86 -$352k, 0Human0 -$160k, Isildur1 -$140k, M.O.P. -$94k

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