Online July Review - EireAbu Leads the Way Winning $725k

EireAbu tops Julys list of winners and is flying as the biggest winner by far at PokerStars in 2012
Thanks to some huge $200/$400 PLO results Ilari made over $700k in July

With July done and dusted let's take a brief look back at the highstakes online action at PokerStars which kept us entertained through the month. Suffice to say that yet again we saw EireAbu showing us all how it's done as he ended the month as the biggest winner, taking $725k at the highstakes PLO tables taking his 2012 profit up to a staggering $3.4 million. Even more impressive is that he's done all this playing no higher than $50/$100 and has only logged one winning hand over $100k (a $105k hand which in fact took place during July).

The first week of July saw plenty of $50/$100 PLO, certainly the most prominent high stakes limit for the big money winners this year with Phisherman36 the weeks biggest winner, taking $145.6k over the first seven days - a good start for the Romanian player who was at this point one of the biggest winners of the year. Things were to go badly wrong for the Phisherman however as the middle of the month saw him lose huge and by the end of july he had lost almost $1 million from his month high point ending up the months biggets loser with a net loss of -$683.5k.

This was also the week where we saw the start of a steady decline for one of the worlds best NLHE players Ignat "0Human0" Liviu as he lost $135k, on his way to over half a million in losses in July, placing him as the months third biggest loser. His cause wasn't helped as he was on the wrong end of the weeks biggest pot playing heads up at $200/$400 NLHE.

0Human0 thinks his two pair is good only to find Audiotik flopped bottom set - $103.4k pot

The second week of July saw the action ramp up a gear as we saw some great $200/$400 PLO games in which Ilari FIN featured heavily, being either a big winner or big loser depending on the day. He ended up as the biggest winner of the week thanks to a $367k day on the 13th of the month. Also having a great week at the $25/$50 and $50/$100 PLO and NLHE tables was Dutch pro Sander "Berndsen12" Berndsen who clocked $295k in winnings thanks to big wins against PimpyLimpy and Gozoboro on the 11th when he won $291k. As reliable as ever EireAbu was also among the biggest winners, logging a +$237k week.

The biggest loser in the $200/$400 PLO games was Terje "Terken89" Augdal who dropped a huge $490k during the second week of July although Augdal managed to rally a little in the last half of the month to finish $246k behind, after at one point being around $530 down. Phisherman36 began his slump with a $227k loss during the second week of July - he did however post the biggest pot of the week;

This action flop created a $137.6k pot - Ilari's top set couldn't hold off Phisherman36's nut flush draw

The third week of July looked like it would end with Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies posting a huge win after consecutive +$444k and +$182k days, however a massive $329k loss on the 19th left him third on the weekly leaderboard ending +$178k for the week. Ilari still managed to post the five biggest pots of the week, the biggest is shown below;

Phisherman36 thinks he's rivered the winning hand only to find Ilari had already made a bigger full house - $213k pot

The weeks biggest winner was, you guessed it, EireAbu who enjoyed another six figure day on the 15th and ending the week with a $246k profit. Just behind EireAbu was mickan1984 who posted a weekly win of $210k as he took a big win in the $200/$400 PLO action.

At the wrong end of the table Phisherman36 was by far the biggest loser, posting a negative $504k result losing over $337k in one day at the $200/$400 PLO tables.

The last week (well, 10 days) of July saw some great individual performances from UK player longerpig who won a huge $444k, made all the more impressive as it was won at the $50/$100 PLO tables which was rather unfortunate for kaju85 who was on the wrong end of this beating in the heads up match and also from Ilari FIN who opened up the $200/$400 PLO action which had been on hold for over a week with a $403k win on the last day of the month. longerpig's great score helped him on his way to being the biggest winner over the last few days of July, posting an impressive $574k win for the last ten days.

The biggest pot of the last 10 days unsurprisingly came from Ilari FIN during his big win on the last day of the month;

A Hero Call from Ilari helps him take down this $191k pot from Ben86

Ben86 had an awful week, losing over $572k which was enough to not only make him the weeks biggest loser but also the second biggest loser of the month behind Phisherman36.

Ilari's last day win helped him rise to second behind EireAbu in July's leader board with $706k profit with longerpigs big score in the last week helping him to third in July with $651k in winnings.


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