L0ve2playU Fights Back as the $200/$400 PLO Action Hots Up Again - Win $238k

Joeri van der Sman is having an awesome week
A bad day for Andreas Tobergsen as he drops $146k

After a great $468k win just under a week ago Joeri "L0ve2playU" van der Sman he took a $167k beating on Sunday, only to come fighting back yesterday and once again top the daily leader board with a $238k win at the $200/$400 PLO tables. This win also puts Joeri into the millionaires club for 2012 as his winnings for the year have now reached $1.056m.

There was a great line up at the nosebleed PLO tables yesterday with van der Sman playing the likes of Ilari FIN, Jeans89, broksi, patpatman, mikki696, Theo J, and yiyi01. Joeri played two morning sessions, a three hour and a two hour session and while he more or less broke even during the first session the second session brought him over $170k in winnings. In between the two sessions he also managed around a $60k win playing in the $100/$200 NLHE six max games against competition including wilhasha, mickan1984, and ChaoRen160.

L0ve2playU also posted the top three pots of the day;

A three way all in with three big hands - L0ve2playU has them thrashed with top full house in this $96.6k pot

All in preflop vs yiyi01, L0ve2playU's Aces hold up in this $88.8k pot

During a heads up session vs patpatman Joeri flops top two, gets the money in and boats up on the turn in this $81.5k pot

Also performing well inthe two $200/$400 PLO sessions was mickan1984 who also managed a good six figure score, racking up a $140k win yesterday.

Oddly enough, despite the big wins we witnessed at the $200/$400 PLO tables, the biggest loser of the day actually came from the $25/$50 and $50/$100 PLO tables as Andreas "Skjervøy" Tobergsen had a frustrating day. He played close to 5,000 hands and managed to drop $147k in the process - much of which he lost heads up at $50/$100 playing Gozoboro

Overall results for Monday:

Winners: L0ve2playU +$238k, mickan1984 +$140k, Theo J +$k, azn_baller3 +$

Losers: Skjervøy -$147k, yiyi01 -$80.2k, patpatman -$100k, -$66.2k

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