Gus "broksi" Hansen up $548k in PLO the last 48hrs

Gus Hansen is back with a bang with a $500k win in 48hrs

We knew it wouldn't be long before Gus "broksi" Hansen made a big impact one way or the other since his return to the online high stakes poker scene. Thankfully for Gus his first major splash has been in the right direction as he has won $431k playing $200/$400 PLO in the past 24 hours - $350k of which he won in a late night/early morning session playing against Ben86, M.O.P., Axelf82, Gozoboro, ChaoRen160, duubadaaba and others. In total Hansen is now over $1/2 million dollars over the past two days in the PLO games. He has

It was one way traffic all heading towards Hansen as during the session he also produced seven of the ten biggest hands of the past 24 hours, including the top three.

EireAbu may be regretting his first move up to $200/$400 PLO as he's on the wrong end of the days biggest hand - broksi finds a lucky river to take this $136.3k hand

Stellar flop for broksi as Axelf82's Aces are crushed - $126k pot

Hansen overtakes Ben86 on the turn and gets paid off - $112.4k pot

While he had a very good day on the PLO tables he had the opposite run on Omaha Hi/Lo ($1000/2000) tables where he lost ~$250k against Chung Hu. These results will be updated tomorrow together with some more sessions from the beginning of August.

The biggest loser from the late night session was ChaoRen160 who lost over $160k in a little over an hour with Theo J, SleepsvsMe and patpatman also losing in theses matches.

Let's hope Gus sticks around and who knows, maybe with his return as well as that of the likes of Daniel Cates, Scott Palmer and others we might see some $300/$600 or $500/$1000 opening at PokerStars in the future?


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