Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond Back With A Bang - Wins Over $400k at PokerStars

A great return to the tables from PLO king Phil Galfond
Ilari slips back to -$500k for the year after yesterdays $96k loss

After being absent from the PokerStars high stakes tables since before the WSOP Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond obviously didn't have quite as much "rust to shake off" as he tweeted about his first online session since May as he crushed the $50/$100 PLO tables for a massive $402k win yesterday.

This win would be impressive enough at the $200/$400 PLO tables but is pretty astonishing at $50/$100, meaning Galfond won the equivalent of 40 regular buy ins during his 13 hours at the tables. Galfond put in an impressive 4400 hands at $25/$50 and $50/$100 PLO having one four hour break in his 17 hour long day.

In particular Galfond won big from three $50/$100 tables which he opened at around 7am (server time) and played unti around 3.40pm. In total he won over $350 from these tables where he played against a huge roll call of regular high stakes talent including; Jeans89, broksi, Gozoboro, toweliestar, PepperoniF, mikki696, M.O.P., N Channing, urnotindangr and many, many more.

Galfond also posted one of the two six figure pots of the day;

broksi is actually a little unlucky to lose this hand on the river, although MrSweets28 had a few outs - $109.4k pot

The biggest hand of the day however fell to Ronny "1-ronnyr3" Kaiser who also enjoyed a fantastic day winning $283k yesterday;

This time it's Ilari FIN who is coolered on the river in this $150k pot

It was in the $200/$400 PLO games that Ronny won the lions share of his days winnings, although he also enjoyed decent success at the $50/$100 tables.

Things didn't look so good for Scott "urnotindangr" Palmer however who fared worst in the $50/100 PLO ring games dropping $208k in his 14 sessions played yesterday, losing all of the winnings he'd made since his return to PokerStars at the end of July and more besides. It was also anothe rbad day for Ilari FIN who lost another $96k and is now back over $1/2 million down for 2012 afte briefly going six figures into profit last month.


Overall results for Monday

Winners: MrSweets28 +$402.1k, 1-ronnyr3 +$283.5k,
römpsa +$98.3k

Losers: urnotindangr -$208.2k, mikki696 -$138.4k-$156.3k, Gozoboro -$114.4k

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