Isildur1 Takes Over $200k From EireAbu in Marathon 11 hour Heads Up Match

Viktor shows PokerStars what they are missing with his great performance against EireAbu
A typical up and down earnings graph for Isildur1. This one ends happily for the young Swede

We have just seen the conclusion to an epic eleven hour heads up duel between Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and 2012's leading money winner at PokerStars, EireAbu. As you would expect from Blom there were plenty of twists and turns, highs and low's but eventually Blom walked away a $202k winner from the encounter - probably a fair results given that Isildur1 was ahead for over 95% of the match.

Just hours after the announcement from PokerStars that Blom was not having his sponsorship renewed with them with Blom announcing he wanted to "concentrate on the poker" he showed up at the tables in the mood for business and took on the most successful $50/$100 PLO heads up player by far this year, and proceeded to gives us a lengthy "SuperStar Showdown" without the need for PokerStars backing.

Blom got off to a great start and in the first couple of hours headed towards a $200k advantage as they played six tables of high octane poker but at around the 2,500 hand mark (they played over 8,000 hands together in total) Blom faltered and within a few hundred hands things were all square again. Play was fast and furious and with Blom wanting to open new tables whenever play got too deep it was hard to keep track of the scores for a lot of the match.

When watching the match there was always the feeling you get watching Isildur1 that when things start to go bad they are going to go REALLY bad so it was great to see him fight back and in one fantastic 800 or so hand period he started really tearing into his Dutch opponent and roared towards a c.$320k lead. Was that it? Of course not - a mere 250 hands later Blom was left with less than a $50k advantage! Once again though Blom wouldn't be denied as he stepped on the gas and over the next couple of thousand hands once again reached the magic +$300k mark.

As a bit of an Isildur1 fan, by this point I was kind of willing him to leave - as much as I enjoy the matches and am also a fan of EireAbu it has been a seriously bad year for Blom online and more often than not he has built substantial leads in big matches before going into freefall and walking away a loser. Then it happened. In just 500 hands Blom lost around $400k and for the first time pretty much in the entire match he was down, and down close to six figures. The writing looked very much to be on the wall. Then just as quickly as the money and the cards deserted him, and shortly after EireAbu announced that he was going to quit soon as he was "sick n tired" Blom edged back into the lead before a few decisive pots at the end of the eleven hour session suddenly boosted him back up over $200k in profit. In fact during the last few hands we saw four or five pots of $50k or over heading to Blom, all big pots in a $50/$100 match.

The biggest pot of the match also came in these dying moments and was won by Blom who won the four biggest pots of the encounter. Here are his top two;

EireAbu was perhaps a little tilted by this point, putting up over $50k preflop with what is a best a mediocre holding. Blom's Aces survive despite EireAbu flopping a flush draw - $106k pot

Both players flop well but Isildur1 hits one of his draws on the river to take this $80k pot

In other news, HighstakesDB have now successfully imported the hands from some huge $1k/$2k Omaha Hi Lo matches that have been running over the past few days and we can see that player Chung Ho has been thrashing a certain Gus "broksi" Hansen, to the tune of around $1/2 million. Hansen had a little respite yesterday as we won $80k from joiso in those games but is still showing a $444k loss in what has traditionally been one of his most successful hunting grounds (Hansen shows a $4.3 million profit in this discipline in our tracked games at Full Tilt). Despite his $80k win yesterday in Hi Lo however, broksi lost over $65k in total for the day after a $156k battering at a late night/early morning session of $50/$100 PLO.


Overall results for Tuesday:

Winners: Isildur1 +$285.4k, Deldar182 +$93.2k, R_I_C_H_1 +$90k

Losers: EireAbu -$169.9k, Ilari FIN -$88k, joiso -$79.8,

For more results check out the high stakes results database


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