Isildur1 Goes Back to Basics - Wins $317k and Crushes Kanu7 at NLHE

Isildur1 plays on and on. He is winning big....for now...
Leading NLHE money winner came up against a better opponent last night in Blom

It's been a busy week for Viktor "Isildur1" as he continues to log thousands of hands on a daily basis over at the highstakes tables at PokerStars, and yesterday turned out to be a pretty good won as he logged wins at the PLO, FLO8 and the NLHE tables.

In particular he engaged in an eight hour $100/$200 NLHE heads up marathon match with English online pro and PokerStars leading NLHE money winner for the past two years, Alex "Kanu7" Millar. Blom showed he still has what it takes to crush the best at heads up hold'em as he ended a resounding winner, taking over $238k from Millar. At one point Blom was over $350k to the good in the match but Millar finished strongly before time was called on their fascinating encounter.

This match also accounted for nine of the days ten biggest hands and here are the top three;

Cooler for Isildur1 as he turns the nuts only to lose on the river - $172.2k pot

Kanu7's Aces are cracked by an unlikely hand - $107k pot

Cooler for Kanu7 this time as he flops the nuts only for Isildur1 to hit a gutshot on the river - $104.2k pot

Isildur1 also finally had a good day at the Limit Omaha Hi Lo tables, registering an $86k win in 101 hands of play yesterday. As I write this Isidlur1 is actually up over $300k at Hi Lo in the last 24 hours as he is currently over $200k up since midnight servertime and is still in fact playing. There's still a long time to go today however, although right now Blom is up in total over $1/2 million dollars since this time yesterday.

Other than Isildur1 nobody came even close to taking down a six figure score for the day, with VietRussian second on the winners list with a $52k win playing PLO $50/$100 heads up against Gozoboro.

Check on Isildur1's continuing progress at our live section here


Winners For Saturday

Winners: Isildur1 +$316.9k, VietRussian+$52k, mtvdeuem+$49.8k


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