$400k Day For MrSweets28 & Ilari FIN - Isildur1 Runs Bad

Phil Galfond has been on an epic heater since returning to the online scene last week

Huge action again yesterday at PokerStars $200/$400 PLO tables, and once again the action was centred around Viktor "Isildur1" Blom who is on a do or die mission to, in the words of 50 cent, "Get Rich or Die Tryin'". Yesterday however he found himself on the wrong end of variance running over $500k below EV in the PLO games - much of which made its way over to the accounts of Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond and Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies who netted $442.6k and $416.6k respectively.

The games ran for six hours in a frantic evening session that also featured Sauce123 and, for a while, Gus "broksi" Hansen.

Once again there were far too many six figure pots to feature them all but we did see three $200k+ pots, two of which were won by Sauce123 - who despite these pots still ended the day a loser in the games;

Action flop as Isildur1 flops the nut flush draw against Sauce123's bottom set - the turn leaves Isildur drawing to a Jack which never appears - $232k pot

Sick river hands Sauce123 this $231k pot

An ambitious shove by Isildur1 as he loses all three of the days biggest hands - $206k pot

In total Blom lost around $500k in these games after at first taking around a $350k lead - however his all in EV graph actually shows he should have been showing around a $50k profit so he can afford to feel a little short changed today after running over $550k under expectation.

The same can't be said however for the days two big winners, both of whom ran way above expectation. Although both Ilari and Phil Galfond both played well and of course EV graphs can be misleading it is telling that both won over $400k during their hours at the $200/$400 tables but the expected returns for the pair show were around $100k each.

This is always going to be the risk Isildur1 is going to face with his all or nothing style, especially when playing PLO - if the cards fall his way he can literally win millions each time he sits at the table but he also runs the risk of devastating losses if things go awry for just a few hours.

However, despite his huge loss at the PLO tables and also a further $200k loss at the 2-7 triple draw tables, Isildur1 is still breaking even since he began his huge rush last Friday.

The win has come at a good time for Ilari FIN who had been feeling the burn of too many bad days lately, but having won over $500k in the past two days his bankroll is now looking considerably more healthy. MrSweets28 however has been riding a wave of success since his recent comeback around 10 days ago and boasts an impressive $934k in winnings since 13th August. He himself has admitted he is currently running very well - but nobody can deny the online poker world has missed this PLO genius during his recent hiatus.

With Isildur1's roll back down to where it was last week it is likely he will drop down in stakes for a while. This may signal the end of the bigger $200/$400 games for a while although with newly fattened bankrolls over the past few days we may well see the likes of Sauce, Ilari and Galfond squaring up at the nosebleed felt again before too long

Winners For Wednesday

MrSweets28, +$442.6k, Ilari FIN, +$416.6k, longerpig, +$107.6k


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