Ben86 Wins $124k, Up $1.8 million Since August

Ben86 passes the $500k in winnings mark for September

Just two short months ago Ben86 was riding a downhill train and was virtually break even for 2012 after being over a million dollars up at the start of May. However, since August he has been virtually unstoppable and after a $1.3m month in August he has now won over $500k in September and now sits 5th on the 2012 leader board with +$1.86m in winnings.

Yesterday he topped the daily leader board with a $124k win, primarly from his outings at the $200/$400 PLO tables where he took on the likes of RaiseOnce, Zypherin, 1Il|1Il|1il|, patpatman, Odd_Oddsen, M.O.P., and Terken89. He also took a near $50k win playing $25/$50 heads up against mickl58.

Ben86's biggest pot of the day inevitably came from the $200/$400 PLO tables;

Ben86 catches the high end of the straight which is unfortunate for Odd_Oddsen who rivers the low end in this $83.6k pot

There was one six figure pot during the $200/$400 sessions;

When all the money goes in on the flop this pot really could go to any of the three players involved - a fortunate turn hands this $122.1k pot to M.O.P.

The other six figure winner yesterday was patpatman who is now on a c.$500k upswing over the past few days. Yesterday he actually won around 3/4 of his daily haul at the FKLO8 tables, topped up with a $38k win at the $100/$200 PLO tables.

The days biggest loser was Jeans89 who dropped $111k at the $100/$200 PLO tables and has now dropped over $400k in the past week. However, the young Finnish pro is still up close to $700k over the past 30 days so although hardly a drop in the ocean we doubt the recent losses will hinder his assault on PokerStars high stakes tables any time soon.

Saturday's Biggest Winners

  • Ben86 +$123.9k
  • patpatman +$102.4k
  • GVOZDIKA +$89k
  • mikki696 +$77.2k

Check out Saturday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the live poker results.


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