wilhasha & limmouse Make Six Figure Scores at NLHE

a long overdue six figure win for wilhasha yesterday at the NLHE tables

Yesterday saw wilhasha make a much needed six figure score at PokerStars high stakes NLHE tables. It's been a downward slide for the unknown NLHE player for the past few months at PokerStars but yesterday he was able to upset that trend and log a $108.7k victory playing $50/$100 and $100/$200 NLHE with c.$80k coming in under 200 hands at the higher stakes against patpatman and Kanu7.

Also making a six figure score at the NLHE tables was limmouse who plied his trade at the $50/$100 tables in around 4.5 hours play at the six max tables, taking on the likes of 0Human0, Trueteller, forhayley, sat1337en, Vaga_Lion and many others.

All the days biggest hands came from the NLHE tables also, here are the biggest three;

Kanu7's pair and nut flush draw aren't enough to take this pot away from wilhasha's TPTK - $60k pot

A sweet flop for 0Human0 to crush maxxmeister's wired Aces - $52.8k pot

altiFC is a little fortunate to win this $52.2k pot all in pre flop as the board pairs his ace to defeat fish2013's KK

There were some familiar names among the biggest PLO winners of the day, the biggest of which were Jeans89 (+$95.6k) and the ever successful Ben86 (+$80k)

There was only one six figure loser yesterday as The Liar dropped a little over $103k playing at the PLO tables.

Wednesday's Biggest Winners

  • wilhasha +$108.7k
  • limmouse +$102.8k
  • Jeans89 +$95.6k
  • Ben86 +$80.1k

Check out Wednesay's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the live poker results.


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