Ilari FIN Up Over $1 Million in 48 Hours!

Ilari FIN has just won over a million dollars at the highstakes PLO tables at PokerStars

It's not often that someone wins a million dollars over such a short period of time at PokerStars online tables who either isn't Isildur1 or hasn't got Isildur1 to thank for their winnings - but if there's one person you would have to take a guess at doing it then it would be Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies. Sahamies has had a rough year online, there's no two ways about it, but when he's on a tear he can really produce the goods. He is currently $1,030,543 in profit since Monday afternoon. In a word - WOW!

After winning $182k Monday Ilari FIN ripped into the $200/$400 PLO tables yesterday, with six figure wins at several tables, including a massive $373k win in just an hour and a half at table Ida V during an evening session. By the end of play yesterday he had topped the daily leader board by a considerable margin with a $662k win. Not satisfied with that however he was back at the tables this morning and managed to win another $187k.

Up until Monday, Ilari was languishing as one of the years biggest loser, down around $1.4 million. As we speak he is now only $370k in the hole - still a lot of money to you and me but apparently only an hour and a halfs work for an inform Mr Sahamies judging by his performance at table Ida V.

As you may expect, Ilari figured fairly strongly in the days biggest pots - taking down 7 of the biggest 8 pots. Here are his top three:

Ilari looks like he has all bases covered on this flop but has to river his flush after patpatman temporarily takes the lead on the turn in this $205.9k pot

Once again an unlucky river for patpatman as Ilari finds another flush to take this $173.4k pot

Ilari's flopped top two outlast patpatmans pair and broadway wrap in this $150.2k pot

It really wasn't patpatman's day as you can probably work out from the pots above and he ended as a big loser, dropping $321.2k on the day although he wasn't the biggest of Ilari's victims. The usually reliable Jeans89 really had a bad day at the hands of Ilari FIN losing $414k on the day, losing $200k at just one table - the session in which Ilari took $343k (table Ida V).

There were also big losses for some of 2012's biggest winners as Ben86 dropped $193k in the big PLO games, Terken89 dropped over $300k in the same sessions and one of last weeks biggest winners, VietRussian lost over $196k.

Perhaps almost as surprising as the size of Ilari's win was that of perennial loser nasud 11 who bagged a $321k score, also at the highstakes PLO tables. His presence may well have been why the games ran so long yesterday as he is prone to donating big chunks of cash when he gets among the top players. Yesterday however he managed to stay one step ahead of the game and carve out a good win. Alas it wasn't to last as already today he has lost back almost $240k of his stash.

There were two other pretty big winners at the PLO tables yesterday as Sam "tr1cky7" Trickett continues his good form and won over a quarter of a million dollars yesterday - although he won the majority of his money at the lower $50/$100 tables, with a little at $100/$200 and a smidgen at $200/$400. Also putting in the hours at the lower end of the PLO highstakes was Andreas "Skjervøy" Torbergsen who won at the $100/$200 tables, raking in a $183.6k win for the day.

Yesterdays Biggest Winners
Ilari FIN +$662.1k
nasud 11 +$321.7k
tr1cky7 +$261.7k
Skjervoy +$183.6k

Check out Tuesday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the live poker results.


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