Jeans89 Makes $232k at PLO and Ilari FIN Up $1 million in 48 Hours Again!

Jeans89 writes off half his weeks losses with a $232k win yesterday
Ilari Sahamies is currently over $2 million up since Monday

Yesterday saw Jeans89 make a decent recovery after having lost over $400k in the past few days at the $200/$400 PLO tables. He was able to do what nobody has been doing very much of this week, and beat Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies in the big PLO games heads up and short handed on his way to a $232.2k win.

Jeans89 played under 400 hands across four tables on his way to this leader board topping score and it looked like Ilari might be on his way to giving back a chunk of the $1.5 million he had won over the previous four days.

Ilari had started the day brightly, winning around 65k at the FLO8 and PLO tables. However towards late afternoon the $200/$400 games started in earnest again and, due mainly to the confrontations with Jeans89 he went on over a $300k downswing and it looked as though a big loss was coming to the aggressive Finn. This is clearly Ilari's week however as he rallied with some big wins heads up against Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond towards the end of the night, ending the day down just $15k.

In fact, it didn't end there for Ilari FIN as sessions starting just after midnight server time proved very fruitful for him as he continued to pummel Galfond, who ended the day a $440k loser and is currently around $600k down for the past 24 hours. The fact that for some time the two agreed to both bet the pot pre-flop meant that there were a lot of big pots played. After a few hours break Ilari was back again and is currently still playing and is half a million dollars up today and $2 million up in less than a week!!!

Due to the abundance of $200/$400 PLO action there has been an absolute abundance of six figure pots over the past 24 hours - here are the three $200k pots that have come out of the sessions;

Ilari's flopped top set is beaten all the way by Jeans89's flopped nut straight and rivered higher straight - $210.1k pot

Lucky river for Ilari in this $204.9k pot

MrSweets28's flopped two pair is not good enough as Ilari FIN flops a set of Jacks in this $200k pot

Other six figure winners for the day were wilhasha, who won $146.1k playing $50/$100 NLHE, heads up and short handed against various opponents including 0Human0, altiFC and fish2013 - also patpatman put in a +$118k performance across three tables of $200/$400 PLO.

Yesterdays Biggest Winners

Jeans89 - $232.1k

wilhasha - $146.1k

patpatman - $118k

The Liar - $98.7k

Check out Friday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the live poker results.


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