Ilari Wins Another $777k - Up Over $2.2 Million This Week

Ilari is now up a staggering $2.2 million in under a week at PokerStars

It seems when he's on a roll nobody else gets a look in as Ilari FIN crushed allcomers yet again yesterday at the $200/$400 PLO tables. In a remarkable run which started on Monday the Finnish pro has gone from being one of the years biggest losers showing a $1.4 million deficit to showing close to $900k in profit.

Ilari's day started well as he thrashed Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond in some post midnight heads up sessions which we reported on in yesterdays report . Ilari continued in the same vein a few hours later, this time taking $268k in a three hour session at table Ployxenos II playing 6 max against the likes of barcode, SkaiWalkurr, M.O.P., Odd_Oddsen, tr1cky7, bernard_bb and Zypherin - who's appearance prompted a huge waiting list.

This morning session also yielded two of the days biggest hands;

Odd_Oddsen flops well but barcode hits the nut straight on the turn and gets paid off by Oddsen's set of 2's in this $230.2k pot

Odd_Oddsen takes this $220.6k pot with one pair

After a good ten hour rest Ilari was back and hungry for more action, and found it with patpatman and Sauce123 at the $200/$400 PLO tables. The session did not go well for Ilari for some time as he went on a c.$300k downswing. However, Ilari's good run was not ready to end just yet and eventually he began to win, and when he started he just wouldn't stop. I think its fair to say that as well as playing some good hyper aggressive poker Ilari certainly had the run of the tables during the better part of this four hour session as demonstrated in his tqo biggest pots of the session;

patpatman flops a full house and is looking good when the money goes in, only for Ilari FIN to turn quads for this $223.2k pot

Both players have ths nuts when the money goes in but Ilari hits a two outer on the river to take the $215.5k pot

Soon enough Ilari had turned this $300k downswing into a $200k profit and by the end of the session his daily profit had soared over the three quarter of a million dollar mark.

Bearing the brunt of Ilari's flying form during this session was Sauce123 who dropped $440k yesterday. patpatman actually fared reasonably well in the sessions and ended up a $200.2k winner for the day. It was a rough end to the day for Sauce123 who arrived at the tables fresh from his win at the All Star Showdown vs Tobias "KTPOKP" Kurder, taking down the young German highstakes pro in just under six hours play. Todays match will see PokerStars biggest NLHE winner of the past two years, Alex "Kanu7" Millar take on new PokerStars Team Online pro Isaac "Ike" Haxton in another first round match. The final two places which were unconfirmed when we posted our first report on the All Star Showdown have been confirmed as Daniel Cates and Ben Tollerene.

Yesterdays games also yielded other six figure winners in M.O.P. (+$191.6k), SkaiWalkurrr (+$124.4k), and PauleAdler (+$118.1k)

Yesterdays Biggest Winners

Ilari FIN - $777.5k

patpatman - $200.2k

SkaiWalkurrr - $124.4k

PauleAdler - $118.4k

Check out Saturday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the live poker results.


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